BT300S Basic Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump

BT300S Basic Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump provides flow range from 0.006 to 1600 mL/min with variable pump heads and tubings. It provides not only the basic functions such as reversible direction, start/stop and adjustable speed, but also Time Dispense Mode and Anti-Drip function. With MODBUS RS485 interface, pump is easy to communicate with external device, such as PC, HMI or PLC.

Flow: 0.006-1600mL/min
Max: 4 Channels
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Functions and Features

  • LCD displays rotating speed and working mode.
  • Membrane keypad.
  • Reversible direction, start/stop control and adjustable speed.
  • Time dispense mode: automatically dispense by setting the duration for each dose, lag time between doses and number of cycles.
  • 0.2% high precision rotating speed control with 0.1 rpm speed resolution when speed is between 0-100 rpm, 1 rpm speed resolution when speed is between 100-600 rpm.
  • External logic level signal can control start/stop, direction and dispense functions; external analog signal can adjust the rotating speed. Signal is optically isolated.
  • With RS485 MODBUS interface, easy to communicate with external device.
  • Internal double-layer isolation structure; circuit board with conformal coating makes the pump dust-proof and moisture proof.
  • Anti-electromagnetic interference feature, wide input voltage range for complex power environment.
  • Stainless steel enclosure, easy to clean, resistant to the corrosion of the acid, alkali, sodium and organic solvents.


  • Flow range: 0.006-1690 mL/min
  • Speed range: 0.1-350 rpm
  • Speed resolution: between 0.1-100 rpm, 0.1 rpm resolution; between 100-350 rpm, 1 rpm resolution
  • Speed accuracy: 0.2%
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V,50Hz/60Hz
  • Power consumption: < 50W
  • External logic level control signal: 5V, 12V (standard), 24V (optional)
  • External analog control signal: 0-5V (standard); 0-10V, 4-20mA (optional)
  • Communication interface: RS485 MODBUS
  • Operating condition: Temperature 0~40°C; Relative humidity < 80%
  • IP grade: IP31
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 264 x 150 x 270 mm (10.39 x 5.91 x 10.63 inch)
  • Weight: 4.9 kg (10.8 lbs)

BT300S Suitable Pump Heads and Tubing, Flow Parameters

Drive typePump headch    Tubing size (mm)Flow rate per channel (mL/min)
BT300SYZ15113# 14# 16# 19# 25# 17#18#          0.006-1340
YZ25115# 24#35#36#          0.17-990
2 x YZ15213# 14# 16# 19# 25# 17#18#          0.006-1340
2 x YZ25215# 24#35#36#          0.17-990
DT15-24219# 16# 25# 17#          0.07-1300
YT15113# 14# 16# 19# 25# 17# 18#         0.006-1340
YT25115# 24# 35# 36#         0.17-1690
2 x YT15213# 14# 16# 19# 25# 17# 18#         0.006-1340

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium, etc. Above for reference only.


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