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Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump Enhances The Reshaping of Culinary Art in Intelligent Cooking Machines

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As the saying goes,
“Seven things to start the day, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea.”
This not only depicts the real life of the common people
but also epitomizes the essence of Chinese culinary culture.
Chinese culinary art is profound and extensive,
unlike the standardized proportions of Western cuisine.
Chinese cooking emphasizes “heat control” and “texture.”
The precise handling of ingredient preparation and seasoning selection
challenges the skill of every chef!
Today, with the emergence of intelligent cooking machines,
this ancient art is experiencing unprecedented innovation!

The Intelligent Stir-Fry Machine — A Significant Step in Kitchen Revolution

The most appealing aspect of technology lies in its ability to free up hands and space. Just as autonomous driving technology brings unprecedented ease and freedom to drivers, the emergence of intelligent stir-fry machines represents a significant advancement in kitchen revolution. With just three simple steps — setting, adding ingredients, and waiting for completion — even novices in the kitchen can effortlessly enjoy the pleasure of cooking, savoring meals with both a smoky flavor and a sense of ceremony.

For the food and beverage industry, this undoubtedly marks a dual revolution in efficiency and quality. It significantly reduces the labor intensity for chefs, allowing restaurants to maintain consistent flavors while achieving standardized and efficient production of dishes. This paves a new path for the future development of the food and beverage industry.

The stir-fry machine is equipped with sophisticated programs that precisely control the timing of ingredient and seasoning additions, pot temperature, and stirring speed. A peristaltic pump is ingeniously integrated into the seasoning delivery system. With its precise metering capability and stable conveying performance, it accurately dispenses liquid seasonings such as oil, sauces, and vinegar at specified times and quantities. This refined control method not only replicates the strict seasoning requirements of Chinese cuisine but also ensures that each dish presents the optimal color, aroma, and flavor.

Furthermore, its design emphasizes cleanliness and contamination-free operation, providing users with peace of mind and ensuring a safe dining experience.

Lead Fluid Peristaltic pump application in intelligent stir-fry machines

In the innovative field of intelligent stir-fry machines, Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps have established solid partnerships with developers by leveraging outstanding performance and high customization capabilities. Together, they are leading the intelligent revolution in culinary technology. Particularly, the Lead Fluid BT301F distributed intelligent peristaltic pump, serving as a core component of the seasoning delivery system, has excelled and garnered widespread acclaim from markets and customers alike.

01 Precise Flow Control
The BT301F utilizes motor-driven precise angle control technology, minimizing distribution errors caused by factors like motor slow start. Whether handling delicate sauces or rich seasonings, it accurately dispenses each time according to preset programs to ensure consistent texture and quality of dishes.

02 Multiple Functions
It integrates four major operating modes: flow rate, time, liquid volume dispensing, and programming. Parameters such as distribution volume, number of distributions, and interval time can all be set, catering to the personalized cooking needs of different dishes and enabling the stir-fry machine to effortlessly handle various complex cooking scenarios.

03 Integrated Control
With multiple control methods, the BT301F easily interfaces with the overall control system of the stir-fry machine, facilitating data sharing and holistic coordinated control. This enhances the intelligence and manageability of the cooking process.

04 Unique Back-Suction Function
Effectively prevents dripping of seasonings, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the stir-fry environment, while also minimizing waste.

05 Clean, Contamination-Free Design
Seasonings only contact with food-grade pump tubes, significantly reducing the risk of bacterial growth and ensuring the hygiene and health of the cooking process.

06 Smart Temperature Control Function
Automatically adjusts heat dissipation according to ambient temperature, ensuring optimal performance of the BT301F even under long-term high-load operation, providing solid assurance for stable operation of the stir-fry machine.

In today’s rapidly advancing world of technology, smart automation has become the dominant theme of modern life. Lead Fluid, with its forward-looking market vision and a continuous drive for innovation in research and development, keenly grasps the pulse of the times. It leads the microfluidic transport industry forward, navigating through waves of change. We walk side by side with our customers, resonating with the powerful rhythm of societal transformation, jointly driving a new chapter of social progress and industrial upgrading!