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Lead Fluid ODM Pump Assisted Urodynamic Analyzer For Precise Detection

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Have you ever thought of “laughing so hard you pee” as just a joke? But in real life, “laughing so hard you pee” is not an exaggeration; it’s a real source of embarrassment and trouble. For many women, issues like urinary incontinence due to factors such as childbirth and age are significant challenges in their lives. Statistics show that stress urinary incontinence affects as many as 18.9% of adult women in China, with this figure climbing to 28% among those aged 50-59. Additionally, middle-aged and elderly individuals often encounter other urinary problems such as difficulty urinating, incomplete emptying, frequent urination, and urgency. As the population ages, these issues become increasingly prominent.

Urodynamic Analyzer

In the face of these difficult and sensitive issues, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment have become important topics in the medical field. Urodynamic analysis equipment, one of the most advanced urinary dynamics examination devices domestically, plays a crucial role. By infusing physiological saline into the bladder, simulating bladder filling and urination processes, it comprehensively assesses bladder compliance, stability, detrusor contraction strength, urethral closure pressure, and other parameters. This not only aids doctors in diagnosing diseases more accurately but also assesses the severity of conditions, providing robust evidence for clinical treatment.

The peristaltic pump, as a vital component of the urodynamic analysis equipment, employs a non-contact transmission method to precisely control the flow rate and pressure of physiological saline. This ensures the stability and accuracy of the testing process.

The Application of Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump in Urodynamic Analyzer

In collaboration with developers of urodynamic analysis equipment, Lead Fluid YZ15T pump head meets customer requirements with its compact design and outstanding performance. This pump head features a wide range of flow rates, excellent stability, and exceptional durability. Moreover, Lead Fluid offers customized designs in appearance and functionality tailored to specific customer needs and performance requirements, ensuring comprehensive fulfillment of personalized demands.

  1. Wide Flow Range:
    Capable of delivering a maximum flow rate of 2817 mL/min, the YZ15T pump head meets the extensive flow rate requirements of urodynamic analysis instruments.
  1. High Stability:
    Rigorously tested and optimized, the YZ15T pump head exhibits minimal flow rate and pressure fluctuations during prolonged use. This ensures the consistency and repeatability of urodynamic examinations.
  1. Optimized Design:
    The YZ15T features a sleek and modern appearance with smooth lines that complement the aesthetics of urodynamic analysis equipment. Its design also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and lowering maintenance costs.
  2. Durability and Reliability:
    Constructed from high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, the YZ15T pump head demonstrates excellent durability and corrosion resistance. It operates stably even under high-speed and long-duration conditions, ensuring reliability in intensive use scenarios.
  1. Pressure Tube Gap Adjustment Structure:
    This feature allows the pump head to better accommodate different sizes of tubing, improving pressure distribution and extending the lifespan of the tubing.

(Note: The adjustment screw has been pre-set to optimal conditions before leaving the factory. We recommend against making adjustments on your own. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact us, and we will promptly assist you.)

6. Unique tube clamp linkage mechanism
This innovative design makes tube replacement extremely convenient, allowing it to be easily done with one hand and thereby enhancing work efficiency.

In the field of medical technology, every minute detail carries reverence and care for life. As a specialized research and development enterprise in microfluidic transmission, Lead Fluid understands deeply the importance of precision and reliability in medical equipment. Therefore, we consistently uphold a spirit of professional service, meticulously crafting customer solutions, rigorously controlling production processes, closely monitoring usage, and providing comprehensive technical support and after-sales service. Every step and every detail is pursued with a commitment to perfection.

For over a decade,
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