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Lead Fluid TFD split type syringe pump, microfluidics syringe pump

Lead Fluid split type syringe pumps are widely used in microfluidics, fine chemicals, petroleum, biopharmaceuticals, environment and scientific research institutes and other fields.

TFD series syringe pump is a single-channel micro syringe pump, It composd of two parts, controller and execution unit. Exquisite structure, high precision, stable operation.

Its controller and execution unit are separated structure, and the execution unit is equipped with mounting frame and quick-plug connectors for easy to disassemble, It can be used with other instruments and equipment, such as a brain stereotaxic instrument, which is suitable for various micro-injection experiments and has a smaller volume and is more convenient to hold.

Single channel split type syringe pump has three models:

TFD01-01 split type syringe pump execution unit, suitable for syringe size 5μL-1000uL syringe.

TFD02-01 split type syringe pump execution unit, suitable for syringe size 10μL~60mL syringe.

TFD03-01 split type syringe pump execution unit, suitable for syringe size 0.5μL~100μL syringe.

Function and Features

♦ LF-Touch-OS software system, stable and reliable running, powerful function.

4.3 inch color LCD touch screen operation, image of the animation and icon is displayed, and colorful interface ,the commonly used function keys, make the device more easy to use.

A variety of working mode choice.

Controller and execution unit split design, easy to installation and fixation.

Support screen lock, key mute operation.

♦ Support a variety of standard syringe, customize syringe.

High precision control.

External signal control start-stop and direction.

A wide range of power input.

Technical Parameters

Working mode: infuse, withdraw, infuse/withdraw, withdraw/infuse, continuous mode.

Linear travel accuracy: <±0.35% (>30% of pump stroke)

Thrust regulation: 1~100% arbitrary adjustable

Syringe selection: built-in main manufacturers, the main model syringe to choose, Can use custom syringe, direct input syringe size and diameter.

Flow calibration: through the calibration procedure to obtain more accurate fluid volume.

Operation mode: touch screen + common function keys.

Power-off memory: storing the running parameters automatically.

Function: pause and stop, the sound tip, the lock parameters, fast forward and retreat quickly, display brightness adjustment.

State signal output: 1 road start-stop status ,1 road direction status.

Control signal input: 1 road the falling edge triggers start and 1 road the falling edge triggers stop.

Communication: RS485, Modbus protocol.

Power supply: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz.

Environment: temperature 5~40℃, relative humidity<80%.

Typical application

Continuous infusion of microfluidic chips

High precision syringe of pharmaceutical solution in animals

Continuous infusion without pulse with micro-flow

Injection of drugs into the brain of rats

Dropping reagent in microreactor

High precision ratio of liquid

Control of polymer flow rate by high voltage electrospinning

Capillary sample injection of chromatograph

Automatic sampling by mass spectrometer

Volume control of micro-droplets

Accurate transmission of micro strongly corrosivefluids

leadfluid split type syringe pump

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