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Peristaltic Pump Tubing, Tubing For Peristaltic Pumps, Peristaltic Pump Tubing Cleaning

peristaltic pump tubing

As a common accessory of peristaltic pump, peristaltic pump tubing can be used in many industries, such as food industry, environmental industry, industrial and manufacturing etc.The peristaltic pumps are widely used in this industries. The peristaltic pump consists of three parts: driver, pump head and peristaltic pump tubing. One of the three major accessories of the pump is  peristaltic pump tubing. There are many types of peristaltic pump tubing, which are commonly used consumables. However, some users still don’t understand how to clean and maintain them. They often just replace them when they are used up, which results in a large waste. Today, Lead Fluid will explain how to clean the peristaltic pump tubing?

What is peristaltic pump tubing?

The raw material of the general silicone tubing is raw silicone rubber. This material is cured at a high temperature through a closed kneader, and white and black carbon and other auxiliary agents are added during the curing process (this can increase the performance of the tubing). According to the industry silicone product technical standards require that products are made through extrusion.

Lead Fluid silicone tube is made of imported silicone rubber material and processed by platinum vulcanization process, high cleanliness, excellent elasticity and abrasion resistance, it is a high-quality peristaltic pump tube and transmission tube. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, bioengineering, fine chemical, food, medical and other fields.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump tubing function and feature:

1. Has excellent biocompatibility.
2. Odorless, non-toxic, no plasticizer, very little precipitation.
3. The inner wall is very smooth and has good antibacterial performance.
4. Good elasticity, can quickly restore shape after radial compression (Shore Hardness:50~55)
5. Weatherproof, ozone-resistant, anti-radiation, excellent anti-aging performance.
6. Suitable for neutral liquids, weak acids, weak bases and some low-concentration solvents.
7. Temperature resistance range -50~230°C under static state, -40~100°C temperature resistance under working condition.
8. Can use hot water, distilled water for cleaning; high temperature and high pressure, ethylene oxide, gamma ray sterilization.
9. The color is transparent, translucent to milky white, etc.

How to clean peristaltic pump tubing?

Different industries transmit different liquids, so the cleaning methods of tubing are also different. Generally speaking, it can be sterilized by high temperature or alcohol. Take food-grade pump tubing for example. The tubings are non-toxic, tasteless, non-yellowing, and have high transparency. If they take a long time, they will appear black. In response to this situation, you can use a special cleaning agent to wash the tubing until the dirt in the pipe leaks out, and then soak it in boiling water for five minutes after washing, or use a microwave oven to heat it at high temperature. Some people may be worried that the high temperature will damage the pump tube, but in fact, there is no need to worry, because the silicone tubing has good characteristics of high temperature and cold resistance.

If it is a general industry tubing, and has a large number of cases, you can directly infuse with disinfectant.

Some users ask whether it is okay to use alcohol and whether it will ahosethe pump tubing and cause corrosion and other problems. Some industries even need to use a pump tube to transfer alcohol. This is about the material of the silicone tube. Silicone is a highly active material. It has undergone an acidic reaction during the production process. It is an amorphous material (chemical formula is mSiO2nH2O). It has strong chemical stability and is insoluble in anything. The characteristics of the solvent. Only when the concentration of alcohol reaches 70% can it have the ability to kill bacteria, so as long as it reaches the certified peristaltic pump tube, it will not be corroded or damaged by alcohol.

Routine disinfection and sterilization method of silicone tubing
1. Boiling method: boiling disinfection, using high temperature steam to kill viruses and bacteria.
2. High pressure steam method :Put the silicone tube in a closed high-pressure steam sterilization pot and keep it under a certain pressure for 15-30 minutes for sterilization. It can kill all microorganisms including spores. It is the most reliable and widely used physical sterilization law.
3. Ethylene oxide fumigation :Ethylene oxide is a kind of spectrum sterilizing agent, which can destroy and eliminate the activity of protein, and kill all kinds of microorganisms at room temperature, including spores, tubercle bacillus, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.
4. Gamma-ray sterilization: through gamma-ray irradiation, the DNA of microorganisms is destroyed and cell activity is lost, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.


1. Since the pump head is used to fix the tubing and squeeze it to transfer the liquid, the tubing is clamped tightly, and it is not allowed to transfer when it is loose.

2. The pump tube may be damaged and cause liquid spillage. Please take necessary protective measures and check the pump tube regularly.

3. When installing and removing external control devices, be sure to turn off the power to prevent damage to the equipment.

4. When connecting the external control or communication interface, please cut off the power supply.

5. Please connect the protective ground of the machine to the earth, otherwise there will be a danger of electric shock or electromagnetic interference.