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2024 Lead Fluid Distributors’ Summit Concluded Successfully

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On a summer day, in the ancient city of Baoding, all things are flourishing. In this vibrant season, Lead Fluid welcomes the grand opening of the 2024 Global Agents Summit with the theme of “Together to gather strength and move forward”.

On May 27th, agents from across the nation and from multiple countries overseas gathered at Lead Fluid headquarters in Baoding. Together, they participated in an intellectual feast and collectively explored pathways for development.

Gathering at Lead Fluid, assessing strength, boosting confidence

Following the enthusiastic registration ceremony, the attendees embarked on a comprehensive tour. They wandered through the exhibition hall, production workshops, office center, and laboratory, experiencing firsthand the allure of Lead Fluid technology and gaining a deep understanding of the outstanding quality of its products. Cutting-edge technological innovation, organized production processes, and rigorous quality inspection procedures further strengthened the trust and recognition of Lead Fluid among the attending agents.

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500 square meters of smart space
20 exciting exhibition areas presented
Hundreds of exhibits showcased together
Reproduction of the Centennial Development History of the Industry
A comprehensive exhibition hall integrating exhibition, learning, and research

Lead Fluid has the largest fluid testing laboratory in China with an area of 1000 square meters, 7 functional areas, and more than 100 sets of advanced equipment. It is committed to performance testing of new products, stability and lifespan research of conventional products, and can simulate real environments for experiments.

Guiding the future, building brilliance together

(General Manager Zhang Xiaoling’s Speech)

Mrs. Zhang Xiaoling, the General Manager, warmly welcomed brothers and sisters from all corners of the world back home in her speech. She then reviewed the journey from the inaugural agent conference in 2011 to the present day, highlighting Lead Fluid remarkable growth not only in production scale but also in the expansion of its workforce. She acknowledged the increasing number of like-minded agent partners who have chosen to join Lead Fluid, bearing witness to the company’s development. Mrs. Zhang solemnly pledged that Lead Fluid would always prioritize the interests of its agents, working hand in hand with them to build a close-knit community of shared destiny, achieving mutual benefit, and common development.

(Chairman Zhang Yanfeng’s Speech)

Mr. Zhang Yanfeng, Chairman, delivered a keynote speech titled “Innovation in Practice, Craftsmanship in Manufacturing Excellence.” He shared his 28-year career commitment to manufacturing superior peristaltic pumps and expanding their presence in global markets. He emphasized that the cornerstone of product quality lies in the selection of raw materials. To ensure product performance and longevity, Lefu never compromises on cost but instead insists on using premium materials from top brands. Through rigorous quality control and testing, Lefu ensures that every product meets or exceeds industry standards for excellence.

Policy Interpretation and Harmonious Coexistence

(Marketing Director Zhao Xinwei’s Speech)

Marketing Director Zhao Xinwei first reviewed Lead Fluid sales achievements, which have been steadily increasing year by year. She then provided a detailed interpretation of Lead Fluid agent policies, including market strategy guidance, sales support, and advertising promotion, all aimed at assisting agents in better market expansion and performance improvement. Lead Fluid will continue to provide timely technical support and high-quality after-sales service to ensure that agents can deliver the best products and services to their customers.

Awards Ceremony & Crown of Glory

A journey of perseverance and progress is inseparable from the power of role models; a bountiful harvest owes much to the sweat and hard work of fellow travelers. On the stage of the summit, Lead Fluid presented honors such as Outstanding Distributor, Outstanding Individual Award, and Gold Medal Agent, illuminating hearts with the brilliance of exemplary achievement, inspiring determination, and enlightening wisdom.

Following that, outstanding representatives from the agent community took to the stage one by one, sharing their stories of how they came to be associated with Lead Fluid and the secrets of their success. They eloquently recounted their journey of growth alongside Lead Fluid, sharing the laughter and tears of their collaboration, as well as those unforgettable moments they shared together.

Product is King, Leading in Strength

(Product Manager Wang Qiang’s Speech)

Product Manager Wang Qiang brought the attendees an introduction to the company’s latest products. These new offerings not only integrate cutting-edge technology but also achieve significant breakthroughs in design and functionality. He showcased the uniqueness of each new product, highlighting innovative features, optimized performance, and market positioning.

To allow attendees to experience the charm of the products more vividly, a hands-on experience session was specially arranged at the summit. In the exhibition area, attendees personally operated various products, whether classic models or new releases, each one impressing them. The agents expressed that by getting hands-on, they could better perceive the high performance and user-friendly design of Lead Fluid products.

Carnival of Games & Fun-filled Awards

An exhilarating raffle, the endless fun of music guessing games, and abundant wealth rolling in – not only did these activities foster communication and understanding among attendees in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, but the generous prizes also ensured that participants left with full hearts and hands.

Night of Celebration & Gratitude and Festivities

As the setting sun bathed the sky in its glow, Chairman Zhang Yanfeng gathered with representatives from the Lead Fluid team and agents alike, raising their glasses in celebration. This moment wasn’t just about gratitude and reflection on past collaborations; it was also about the shared hope and anticipation for a future of progress together.

With together to gather strength and move forward, we express our gratitude to the Lead Fluid family for their dedication from afar. Over the years, we have steadfastly pursued our channel strategy, co-created a channel ecosystem with our partners, expanded our market reach, deepened synergies, focused on profitability, and jointly built brand influence. In 2024, Lead Fluid will continue to deepen our roots and gather momentum for the future. With even higher quality products and services, we will work hand in hand with global distributors to win in the market and paint a magnificent blueprint together!