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ACHEMA-Lead Fluid Showcased The Strength of Chinese Manufacturing to The World

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The globally renowned process industry exhibition—ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt, on the banks of the beautiful River Main, is in full swing. Leffer is there on the scene, taking you inside this industrial and technological extravaganza.

ACHEMA is one of the world’s largest trade exhibitions for the chemical, biopharmaceutical, and environmental technology industries. It serves as a global flagship event that integrates the entire industry chain from laboratory equipment, chemical and pharmaceutical technologies, fluid technology, and process automation to packaging and storage technologies. Since its inaugural event in 1920, ACHEMA has a history spanning over a century.

This edition of ACHEMA covers an exhibition area of 115,800 square meters, with 3,800 exhibitors from 51 countries and regions participating. It is expected to attract over 150,000 professionals from more than 130 countries.

At this international stage, Lead Fluid has showcased cutting-edge fluid transfer technologies and innovative solutions, particularly in laboratory, pharmaceutical, and chemical fields. Among them, the high-protection series peristaltic pumps, with their IP66/IP67 ratings, have garnered widespread acclaim from professional audiences present. These pumps are noted for their ability to operate reliably in harsh environments such as dust, humidity, and mild acid-base salt spray conditions.

Additionally, products like the WSP3000, designed specifically for high-precision micro-level liquid filling, have attracted considerable attention. Attendees at the event have been stopping by Lead Fluid booth to inquire and have shown high appreciation for Lead Fluid technical prowess and product quality.

The exhibition scene is bustling with excitement, attracting a continuous stream of international customers. Among them are many loyal fans of Lead Fluid, who have visited our booth multiple times to engage in deep conversations with our staff, discussing Lead Fluid products with great enthusiasm and knowledge.

This profound trust and recognition from our customers serve as the driving force behind Lead Fluid continuous advancement.

As a primary manufacturer, Lead Fluid consistently prioritizes “quality” above all else, dedicated to building a reputation for “Made in China” excellence. We strive to deliver reliable products of the highest quality to customers worldwide!