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How To Mass-produce COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Reagents Using Peristaltic Pumps?

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As we all know, nucleic acid detection reagents are packaged in independent vials, and the amount of reagent in each bottle is the same. So how can such accurate multi bottle filling be realized? The answer is peristaltic pump.

What is peristaltic pump?

Peristaltic pump is a kind of self-priming pump, which can transfer liquid from the outlet end into the bottle under low pressure. Intelligent peristaltic pump is a high-precision pump with multiple filling functions. It can accurately and automatically fill many bottles at the same time. In this way, it realizes batches production. The peristaltic pump is widely used in laboratory, pharmaceutical dosing production and other industries.

What is the working principle of nucleic acid detection?

COVID-19 nucleic acid detection is mainly based on fluorescence quantitative RT-PCR technology, which is a combination of fluorescence quantitative PCR technology and RT-PCR technology. In the detection process, RT-PCR technology was used to reverse the nucleic acid (RNA) of COVID-19 into the corresponding DNA (DNA).

At the same time, the replicated DNA was detected and labeled with specific probes.

If there is COVID-19 nucleic acid, the instrument can detect the fluorescence signal, and with the continuous replication of DNA, the fluorescence signal is constantly enhanced, thus indirectly detecting the existence of COVID-19.

In the process of nucleic acid detection, the nucleic acid virus detection reagent matched with PCR instrument will be used to determine whether there is virus nucleic acid in the sample by detecting the strength of fluorescence signal.

Nucleic acid detection reagent greatly improves the speed of nucleic acid detection and is a particularly important link in detection.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump assisted in the efficient production of nucleic acid detection reagent.

At the beginning of COVID-19’s destruction, nucleic acid detection reagent production process has problems of automatic separation of micro flow, and at the same time, higher accuracy of fluid delivery is needed in the application of gene amplification technology and molecular hybridization technology. So the microliter peristaltic pump WSP3000 comes out, which can transfer liquid by the flow range of micro upgrade.

1 Accuracy Improved

The influence of flow pulsation about peristaltic pump is a difficult problem in the whole peristaltic pump industry. The Lead Fluid microliter peristaltic pump WSP3000 uses a variety of innovative technologies, such as the innovative design of the peristaltic pump head structure, the optimal design of the control system, the roller reset technology and the pipeline liquid reflux control technology, which eliminates the impact of flow pulsation on the liquid volume, expands the minimum filling volume and improves the filling accuracy of the peristaltic pump.

The filling liquid volume is 1-3000 μL. The filling accuracy up to 0.2%, and the filling efficiency of single channel up to 120 bottles/min. It ensures the filling accuracy of nucleic acid detection reagent and the stability,consistency of reagent filling volume.

2 New Design

The biopharmaceutical industry has extremely strict requirements for equipment. The Lead Fluid micro liter peristaltic pump WSP3000 uses metal shell and aluminum alloy oxidation process, which is very easy to clean. The shape is extremely simple, which breaks the previous shape of peristaltic pump and redefines the appearance design of peristaltic pump.

The structural of peristaltic pump WSP3000 increased the user’s good feeling in the process of working. Modular design, can cascade multiple peristaltic pumps. It can also be used with automatic equipment to effectively improve the production efficiency of detection reagents.

3 High Cleanliness

In the bio-pharmaceutical industry, the cleanliness of the liquid environment must be guaranteed when transporting liquid. During liquid filling by WSP3000 peristaltic pump, the liquid only contacts the inner wall of the tube and does not contact the pump body. By selecting the sterilized hose, the aseptic requirements of filling reagent can be met.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has low shear force, which can avoid the loss of biological reagent raw materials when pumping shear sensitive detection reagent.

During the years of COVID-19’s destruction, nucleic acid testing has become a constant commodity in life. Wearing masks has become an essential part of life.

we are eager to return to the past without the new crown pneumonia and masks.we hope that COVID-19 will dissipate soon, with spring blossoms and no epidemic in the world.