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peristaltic pump filling machine

Why To Choose A Large Flow Peristaltic Pump?

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In the filling industry, large flow peristaltic pumps generally sell more than small flow pumps. Some users even buy large ones rather than small ones.That’s why? Let’s explore together. 1.Wide adaptation range The filling system can be applied in many industries. Compared with the small flow pump, the large flow peristaltic pump has a wider application range. Therefore, in order to apply in many industries (such as phosphate fertilizer, petroleum, chemical fiber and other production enterprises), it is better to choose the large flow pump. 2.The maintenance is relatively convenient The… Read More »Why To Choose A Large Flow Peristaltic Pump?

What’s The Popular Filling Pump In China?

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Generally speaking, filling is to inject liquid from one container into another according to the corresponding accuracy requirements. So the requirement of filling pump is very high, which requires the pump to automatically fill liquid with high precision, and peristaltic pump is widely used in bottle filling and dispensing. 1.What should we pay attention to in the filling process? Pressure, filling flow, liquid properties, etc. Lead Fluid has focused on fluid transfer solutions for 23 years, and we will try our best to help you. 2.Is there any difference between filling with peristaltic… Read More »What’s The Popular Filling Pump In China?