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Why To Choose A Large Flow Peristaltic Pump?

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In the filling industry, large flow peristaltic pumps generally sell more than small flow pumps. Some users even buy large ones rather than small ones.That’s why? Let’s explore together.

1.Wide adaptation range

The filling system can be applied in many industries. Compared with the small flow pump, the large flow peristaltic pump has a wider application range. Therefore, in order to apply in many industries (such as phosphate fertilizer, petroleum, chemical fiber and other production enterprises), it is better to choose the large flow pump.

2.The maintenance is relatively convenient

The small flow peristaltic pump requires a high manufacturing process because it needs to be easy to carry, which also leads to more trouble in maintenance. However, the large flow peristaltic pump does not have this concern. It is relatively convenient to maintain, so the maintenance cost is relatively low, and the enterprise will use it more easily.

3.Better performance

The performance of large flow peristaltic pump will be better, because the power of large flow peristaltic pump is relatively high, the speed, head, flow, etc. can be met, and the working efficiency is relatively fast, which is incomparable to small flow peristaltic pump.  

Precautions for using peristaltic pump

* After using the peristaltic pump hose for about 220 hours, the hose can be turned over (that is, 90 degrees of rotation), because after squeezing one hose for a long time, it is easy to cause single-sided damage, and turning over can increase the service life.

* The storage life of pump pipe shall not exceed one year (aging will occur if it is not used for a long time).

* Lubricate the pump roller every 6 months (special lubricating oil is required).

* After using the pump for a long time, if there is abnormal noise, you can remove it for inspection to see whether it is caused by wear or damage of the bearing. If not, please contact the manufacturer of the peristaltic pump. 5. Since the pump head is used to fix the hose and squeeze it to transmit liquid, the hose shall be clamped tightly and shall not be transmitted when it is loose.

* The pump pipe may be damaged and cause liquid overflow. Please take necessary protective measures and check the pump pipe regularly.

* When installing and removing the external control device, be sure to turn off the power supply to prevent damage to the device.

* Please cut off the power supply when connecting the external control or communication interface again.

* Please connect the protective ground of the machine to the ground, otherwise there will be electric shock or electromagnetic interference.