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What’s The Popular Filling Pump In China?

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Generally speaking, filling is to inject liquid from one container into another according to the corresponding accuracy requirements. So the requirement of filling pump is very high, which requires the pump to automatically fill liquid with high precision, and peristaltic pump is widely used in bottle filling and dispensing.

1.What should we pay attention to in the filling process?

Pressure, filling flow, liquid properties, etc. Lead Fluid has focused on fluid transfer solutions for 23 years, and we will try our best to help you.

2.Is there any difference between filling with peristaltic pump and filling with other equipment?

Peristaltic pump filling can select different hoses according to different liquid, so that the same equipment can fill different liquids.

The maintenance is simple and the cost is low. Only the silicone hose of peristaltic pump needs to be replaced without replacing the equipment.

Large size man-machine interface operation, switchable between Chinese and English, intuitive information and convenient operation;

High quality servo motor or stepping motor drive, stable and efficient operating system and pipeline greatly ensure the filling accuracy;

Intelligent correction system can greatly reduce the workload of users and improve efficiency;

The rotation speed can be adjusted online to facilitate users to adjust the flow change caused by hose aging;

It has offline and online functions;

It can be cascaded infinitely to form more channels;

Each channel has the function of bottle shortage and filling stop;

Stainless steel shell, corrosion resistant and easy to clean;

The circuit board is sprayed with three anti paint technology to achieve the effect of dust and moisture prevention;

3.What kind of product is suitable for peristaltic pump filling system?

Eye drops, cosmetics, liquid medicine, electronic cigarette oil, etc. This kind of liquid with high value and high requirements for liquid accuracy is more suitable for filling with peristaltic pump.

4.What are the requirements for filling tools?

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements for filling tools, we should also consider whether it is suitable for people to carry out specific operations, whether it is relatively easy to maintain, and whether the cost will be very high.

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