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MF106 High Protection Peristaltic Pump

MF106 high-protection peristaltic pump is operated by a color LCD touch screen and buttons with a simple and intuitive user interface, which is easy to use and control. It is compatible with various pump heads and pump tubes of different specifications and materials, with a maximum flow rate of 7920ml/min, which can meet most flow transmission requirements. It is mainly used for quantitative distribution and flow transmission control of various complex liquids.
The controller is equipped with multiple communication interfaces such as built-in RS232, RS485, Ethernet, etc., with standard MODBUS communication protocol, which is easy to connect with other control devices, and can quickly realize the integration configuration of automation control system.
In addition, the pump has a high protection level of IP66 and strong stability and adaptability, which is suitable for relatively harsh industrial production environments such as dust, humidity, weak acid and alkali salt fog.

Flow: 0.005-7920mL/min
Max: 4 Channels


• Strong stability and high pr essure bearing c apacity:
The product adopts double-layer isolation de sign and circuit board plus spray three-proof paint process to achieve dustpr oof and moisture-proof effect, ensuring the stability and reliability of the equipment . In addition, the pr oduct has an IP66 pr otection level and c an operate stably in har sh environments for a long time .
• High torque output, multiple pump heads c an be used in c ombination:
It supports high t orque output and multiple pump heads c an be installed t o realize the c ombination of different pump heads and drivers, providing a wider flow range and outlet pressure, suitable for different application scenarios.
• Supports a v ariety of working modes:
Fiv e working modes are supported, including flow rate, time dispensing, v olume dispensing, programming dispensing and e xternal control mode, so that user s can choose ac cording to different needs. In the time dispensing, v olume dispensing mode , five sets of formula parameters can be pre-stored.
• The operation interface is eas y to use:
Equipped with a 5-inch c olor touch screen, with guided pr ompts for operation, easy and fast to use. At the same time , it supports the wiz ard-style flow correction function, which c an achieve higher liquid flo w accuracy.
• Multiple c ontrol modes:
The speed c an be adjusted by external analog signal, and the start -stop and working directions can be c ontrolled by digital signal le vel or pulse . At the same time , it is int egrated with digital int erfaces such as R S485 bus interface, netw ork interface, RS232 serial interface, and the c ommunication parameters can be customized. Optional foots witch is available to realize dispensing and filling func tions.
• Excellent anti-interference capability:
With wide v oltage design, suitable for all kinds o f complex power supply environment.
• Durable and eas y to clean pump shell:
The house is made of metal aluminum, which is eas y to clean and effectively prevents the corrosion of organic solvents,extending the servic e life of the equipment .

Technical Parameter

Flow range                                                           0.005-7920mL/min
Speed range                                                        0.1-360 rpm
Speed resolution                                                  0.1rpm
Speed accuracy                                                   <0.5%
External control signal input                                (1) Start/Stop: passive contact, external control input level (5~24V) (2) Forward/Reverse: passive contact, external control input level                                                                                      (5~24V) (3) Speed Regulation: analog 0~5V, 0~10V, 4~20mA can be set.
External control signal output                              (1) Start/Stop: Level Signal (following input voltage) (2) Forward/Reverse: Level Signal (following input voltage)                                        Communication interface                                     RS485 communication interface, Modbus protocol is available
Power supply                                                       AC 100-240V 50-60 Hz
Power consumption                                             <400W
Working environment                                           Working temperature0-40℃,working humidity 80%-31°to 50%-40°
Storage condition                                                 Store temperature -25-65℃,Store humidity 50%
Highest elevation                                                 2000m
House material                                                     Aluminum
IP grade                                                               IP66
Dimension(L×W×H)                                        363x180x230mm                                                                                                                                                                                    Drive weight                                                         11kg


MF106 Applicable Pump Head and Tube,Speed, Flow

Drive type Suitable pump heads channel Tubing size (mm) Single Channel Flow Rate(mL/min)
MF106 YZ15 1,2,4 13#14#19#16#25#17#18# 0.005~1537
1,2 114#116#15#24#35#36# 0.024~1800
KZ25 1 15#24#35#36# 0.31~3960
DMD25 1 114#119#116#15#24#35#36# 0.058~4320
YZ35 1 73#82# 1.3~7920

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium, etc. Above for reference only.


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