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Hot Sale New Design BTX01S Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump

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BTX01S series adjustable speed peristaltic pump has stronger operation performance, more convenient use experience, more comprehensive function settings, and more surprises, waiting for you to explore! Superior performance & Higher precision BT01S series is equipped with a cortexm3 core processor, which can store more parameters, and the erasure times are more lasting, up to 1billion times. The operation speed is faster and the rotating speed accuracy of the equipment is higher. Easy to use & App operate BTX01S series adopts 128*32 dot matrix LCD screen display, and the status display is clear at a glance.… Read More »Hot Sale New Design BTX01S Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump

The New Design From Lead Fluid Won The International Award

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The Lead Fluid new design FT1524 pump head has been recognized by more than 200 international jury and won the Bronze Award in engineering and technology category. There is no doubt about the strength of Lead Fluid brand. A’Design Award and competition is one of the largest, most prestigious and most influential design awards in the world. It is known as the Oscar in European design circles. And Lead Fluid FT1524 pump head is suitable for medical treatment, scientific instrument matching, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields. Over the years, Lead Fluid has… Read More »The New Design From Lead Fluid Won The International Award

What’s The Popular Filling Pump In China?

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Generally speaking, filling is to inject liquid from one container into another according to the corresponding accuracy requirements. So the requirement of filling pump is very high, which requires the pump to automatically fill liquid with high precision, and peristaltic pump is widely used in bottle filling and dispensing. 1.What should we pay attention to in the filling process? Pressure, filling flow, liquid properties, etc. Lead Fluid has focused on fluid transfer solutions for 23 years, and we will try our best to help you. 2.Is there any difference between filling with peristaltic… Read More »What’s The Popular Filling Pump In China?