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Is Laziness The Primary Driving Force of Technology?

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In the wave of the times, new technologies are constantly changing our way of life. The fast pace of life drives us to constantly choose more convenient and faster living tools. The ‘Gospel of the Lazy’ sweeping robot has gradually entered our daily lives. Peristaltic pump assisted sweeping robot industry At present, the mainstream sweeping robots on the market all have a sweeping and dragging integrated function, and the sweeping robots are equipped with a water tank, sewage tank, and cleaning agent inside. When the sweeping robot is working, it… Read More »Is Laziness The Primary Driving Force of Technology?

How to Distinguish Different Mode Peristaltic Pumps?

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As a common fluid conveying equipment, peristaltic pumps have received widespread attention due to their unique working principles and wide application fields. However, for non professionals, understanding the different types and differences of peristaltic pumps may become somewhat confusing. In this article, we will focus on introducing three common types of peristaltic pumps: speed variable mode, intelligent flow mode, and intelligent dispensing mode, to help everyone better understand the differences and advantages between them. 1.Speed Variable Mode Peristaltic Pump Speed variable peristaltic pump refers to a peristaltic pump with basic… Read More »How to Distinguish Different Mode Peristaltic Pumps?

Lead Fluid Syringe Pump Helps the Slit Coating Industry

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The slit coating machine is a widely used equipment for precision coating. It has the advantages of high coating speed, good coating thickness uniformity, wide range of coating liquid viscosity, fewer coating defects (due to closed-loop system), high utilization of coating liquid, and the ability to perform three-layer coating simultaneously. This technology has broad applications, from traditional film and paper coatings to modern applications such as OLED conductive films, optical films for LCD panels, back sheets for solar cells, and secondary lithium-ion batteries. 1 Customer Demand Slit coating involves precise… Read More »Lead Fluid Syringe Pump Helps the Slit Coating Industry