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Is Laziness The Primary Driving Force of Technology?

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In the wave of the times, new technologies are constantly changing our way of life. The fast pace of life drives us to constantly choose more convenient and faster living tools.

The ‘Gospel of the Lazy’ sweeping robot has gradually entered our daily lives.

Peristaltic pump assisted sweeping robot industry

At present, the mainstream sweeping robots on the market all have a sweeping and dragging integrated function, and the sweeping robots are equipped with a water tank, sewage tank, and cleaning agent inside. When the sweeping robot is working, it can use the washboard at the bottom to clean, and the Peristaltic pump will deliver the cleaning agent to simulate the process of manual cleaning of rags. Clean water in and sewage out, without mutual interference, with good cleaning effect.

Cleaning robot equipped with water tank

Due to the direct contact between the pump body and the fluid during the delivery of cleaning agents by the diaphragm pump, it is easy to cause corrosion of internal parts. And the sealing is weak, easy to enter dust, and damage the diaphragm pump body. Therefore, many manufacturers choose Peristaltic pump as the transmission power of cleaning agent for sweeping robot.

First of all, the Peristaltic pump has good trafficability when delivering viscous liquids such as detergent. Secondly, the Peristaltic pump has a metering function, which can transfer liquid quantitatively.

Peristaltic pump also has the advantages of small size, small space ratio, low power consumption and power saving. And the Peristaltic pump can control the backflow without valves.

When the Peristaltic pump is delivering detergent, the pump head drives the hose to make the detergent enter the hose from the liquid inlet, and then discharge it from the liquid outlet by squeezing the hose. The cleaning agent does not come into contact with the pump body throughout the entire process, resulting in higher cleanliness, better sealing, and higher durability. The sweeping robot has better mopping effect.

Working principle of Peristaltic pump

Because Peristaltic pump has the characteristics of high cleanliness, low shear force and simple maintenance, it is widely used in various scenarios. For example: experimental analysis, pharmaceuticals, food processing, etc.

Laziness “is the primary driving force of technology, symbolizing humanity’s continuous pursuit of a more convenient and comfortable way of life. Leifu has been deeply involved in the field of small and micro fluid transmission for many years, hoping to empower more industries with technology to continuously develop and contribute to the scientific and technological industry.