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How to Distinguish Different Mode Peristaltic Pumps?

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As a common fluid conveying equipment, peristaltic pumps have received widespread attention due to their unique working principles and wide application fields. However, for non professionals, understanding the different types and differences of peristaltic pumps may become somewhat confusing. In this article, we will focus on introducing three common types of peristaltic pumps: speed variable mode, intelligent flow mode, and intelligent dispensing mode, to help everyone better understand the differences and advantages between them.

1.Speed Variable Mode Peristaltic Pump

Speed variable peristaltic pump refers to a peristaltic pump with basic functions such as start stop, forward and reverse rotation, full speed, speed regulation, state memory, and external control input. Some variable speed peristaltic pumps can achieve functions such as WIFI control or simple packaging. RS485 communication, which can be connected to various control devices.

2. Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump

Flow mode peristaltic pump refers to the addition of flow display, flow correction, and other functions beyond the basic functions of peristaltic pump, such as displaying speed, starting and stopping, direction, and speed adjustment.

Flow type peristaltic pumps generally use a color LCD screen display and touch screen operation. The display screen can directly display the speed, making the display page more intuitive. Users can directly input the flow, making the operation simpler and more convenient. It is mainly suitable for precise control of flow transmission scenarios and can meet more complex transmission requirements.

3. Intelligent Dispensing Peristaltic Pump

The dispensing peristaltic pump is mainly suitable for various complex liquid quantitative dispensing, precise measurement, and timed feeding. In addition to the functions of the flow type peristaltic pump mentioned above, the following functions have been added:

① Users can set the interval time, distribution frequency, distribution liquid volume, and parameters by themselves. After setting the parameters, the peristaltic pump can automatically complete the specified filling frequency. This function is mainly applied to automatic filling equipment on the production line;

② The dispensing peristaltic pump has two working modes: dispensing mode and transmission mode. When the transmission mode is selected, the function is completely the same as that of the flow type peristaltic pump. When the dispensing mode is selected, it has the function of automatic dispensing;

③ The dispensing peristaltic pump has three dispensing modes: time dispensing, liquid volume dispensing, and replication dispensing. Time allocation refers to the allocation set according to the length of time, while liquid volume allocation is set according to the size of liquid volume. In the replication allocation setting, the peristaltic pump can automatically record all parameters of a certain filling. After the liquid volume, time, and speed of filling are determined, multiple filling can be carried out according to this parameter. The amount of liquid filled each time is the same as the set amount of liquid.

4. ODM Peristaltic Pump

Customized (ODM) peristaltic pump refers to a type of peristaltic pump that users can use with different flow ranges of pump heads and different driving circuits according to their own equipment needs.

When choosing a peristaltic pump, we need to determine the most suitable type based on specific application requirements and fluid characteristics. Understanding the different types and advantages of peristaltic pumps can help us make wise choices and improve work efficiency and product quality.

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