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Lead Fluid Syringe Pump Helps the Slit Coating Industry

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The slit coating machine is a widely used equipment for precision coating. It has the advantages of high coating speed, good coating thickness uniformity, wide range of coating liquid viscosity, fewer coating defects (due to closed-loop system), high utilization of coating liquid, and the ability to perform three-layer coating simultaneously. This technology has broad applications, from traditional film and paper coatings to modern applications such as OLED conductive films, optical films for LCD panels, back sheets for solar cells, and secondary lithium-ion batteries.

1 Customer Demand

Slit coating involves precise movement of the coating head relative to the substrate, and by controlling the speed, precise metering, and pumping process fluid, the liquid chemical material is extruded from the gap between the upper and lower molds, coated on the moving base (glass, stainless steel, plastic, etc.) to form a thin film. However, since the control of the coating amount and uniformity inside the slot needs to be achieved in a very short time, higher requirements are placed on the accuracy, stability, and flow control of the equipment pumps that control and transfer the coating liquid.

The customer company is a professional manufacturer of slit coating machines, and is looking to purchase a batch of syringe pumps as supporting equipment for the slit coating machine. The syringe pumps must be of high quality and have an accuracy error of around 0.5%, with a dispensing speed of 0.001~5ml/min.

Lead Fluid TYD01-01 syringe pump can be used as a supporting equipment for the slit coating machine. It can preset flow rate, flow rate and other parameters according to the characteristics of the material and coating requirements, achieve accurate flow rate control, stable transmission, and further improve the quality and efficiency of the coating process, improve production efficiency and product quality.

In addition, the Lead Fluid TYD01-01 syringe pump has a space-saving design, and its system parameters and operating status are visualized. It can be linked with other control devices to form a centralized control system, which makes it the best delivery pump equipment for the slit coating machine.

2 Product Advantage

Easy to Clean:the integrated desktop design is equipped with a full metal casing, which is easy to clean and can effectively resist the erosion of organic solvents.

Easy to operate:4.3-inch high-definition LCD touchscreen for display and operation, which is intuitive and easy to use.

Wide flow range:

It can hold 1 to 10 plastic syringes or glass syringe needles.

Syringe capacity ranges 10μl – 140ml.

Flow rate range 0.184nl/min -173.718ml/min.

High precision control: stroke control accuracy error <±0.35%

Powerful functions: multiple working modes are available, with powerful functions suitable for high-precision microfluidic transfer in scientific research experiments.

Durable: the transmission screw is fixed with high-strength aviation bearings, which have a longer service life and higher accuracy.

Can be connected with various control devices: RS485 communication interface, MODBUS protocol is available, can set up

communication parameters, convenient to connect various of control equipments.

Blockage alarm: supports screen lock, key silent operation, syringe protection and blockage alarm. The device can also retain the settings parameters before power-off.

Anti-electromagnetic interference: powerful anti-electromagnetic interference performance, and can operate continuously and stably under high-voltage electrostatic field.

3 TYD01-01 Data Display


Accuracy test for pure water transfer

When a 10ml glass syringe is installed in the TYD01-01 syringe pump and the injection flow rate is set at 1ml/min, a transfer liquid of 1ml is transported continuously and measured. The average transfer liquid value is 0.9972g, and the error rate is 0.351%. The error rate is calculated as the absolute error divided by the mean value, where the absolute error equals the maximum value minus the minimum value. The lower the error rate, the higher the precision.

TYD01-01 Repeatability accuracy test for dispensing

1ul = 0.001ml = 0.000001L. Set the flow rate of TYD01-01 to 600ul/min, pack 50ul, 100ul, and 200ul separately, and record data for 15, 8, and 4 repeated injections, respectively. The smoother the change curve of packaging, the smaller the error of packaging, and the higher the repeatability accuracy of dispensing.

Error rate=absolute error/average, absolute error=maximum minimum, the lower the error, the higher the accuracy.

Comparison of Flow Stability Curve between TYD01-01 and Conventional Injection Pump

For industrial production, small technological improvements can have a significant impact on cost reduction, resulting in huge economic benefits! At present, research on slit coating technology mainly focuses on equipment performance optimization, coating efficiency improvement, and other aspects. With excellent workmanship, high-precision fluid control, stable transmission, and intelligent operating experience, Lead Fluid TYD01 provides strong support for the further development of slit coating technology.

4 Customer Evaluation

We have been partners with Lead Fluid for many years, and Lead Fluid products, from quality craftsmanship to functionality to after-sales service, are very reassuring to us! There’s nothing wrong with choosing Lead Fluid.