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How to Select the Appropriate Model of Peristaltic Pump?

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Selection of Peristaltic pump is the first step when purchasing Peristaltic pump Do you know how to select Peristaltic pump? Let’s learn together. Q1 Determine the Application Requirements To select a suitable Peristaltic pump, first determine the application requirements: 1.Determine traffic size 2.What kind of liquid needs to be transported 3.Requirements for accuracy 4.Number of channels required 5.Pressure range, control method, etc The Peristaltic pump is mainly divided into three parts: pump head, tube and driver. Next, we will select the corresponding performance parameters of these components according to the… Read More »How to Select the Appropriate Model of Peristaltic Pump?

How to Distinguish Different Mode Peristaltic Pumps?

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As a common fluid conveying equipment, peristaltic pumps have received widespread attention due to their unique working principles and wide application fields. However, for non professionals, understanding the different types and differences of peristaltic pumps may become somewhat confusing. In this article, we will focus on introducing three common types of peristaltic pumps: speed variable mode, intelligent flow mode, and intelligent dispensing mode, to help everyone better understand the differences and advantages between them. 1.Speed Variable Mode Peristaltic Pump Speed variable peristaltic pump refers to a peristaltic pump with basic… Read More »How to Distinguish Different Mode Peristaltic Pumps?

Important Notice-Lead Fluid Logo Upgrade Announcement

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Dear customers and partners: Time flies, Lead Fluid company have focused on the R & D and production of peristaltic pump and have been with our customers and partners for 23 years. Since the establishment of Lead Fluid brand in 2010, it has always been committed to providing users with competitive small and micro fluid transmission solutions, and has adhered to independent innovation for many years. In order to further enhance the overall image, the personalized recognition and dissemination of the Lead Fluid brand, and better reflect the company’s strategic… Read More »Important Notice-Lead Fluid Logo Upgrade Announcement

high flow rate peristaltic pump

What Are The Differences Between Different Peristaltic Pump Series?

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Peristaltic pump is widely used in many industries, for example: filling pharmaceutical,coating granulation,solvent extraction,medical equipment,vending machine and so on.Baoding lead Fluid company has three peristaltic pump series: speed variable peristaltic pump,flow intelligent peristaltic pump and intelligent dispensing peristaltic pump.So what’s the difference between them and how to chose the suitable peristaltic pump? Let’s discuss about the details. 1.Speed variable peristaltic pump Speed variable peristaltic pumps adopts imported core processor, high quality stepper servo motor drive, speed control accuracy is ±0.2%. Through the Lead Fluid APP software, the pump can be… Read More »What Are The Differences Between Different Peristaltic Pump Series?