Peristaltic pump is widely used in many industries, for example: filling pharmaceutical,coating granulation,solvent extraction,medical equipment,vending machine and so on.Baoding lead Fluid company has three peristaltic pump series: speed variable peristaltic pump,flow intelligent peristaltic pump and intelligent dispensing peristaltic pump.So what’s the difference between them and how to chose the suitable peristaltic pump? Let’s discuss about the details.

1.Speed variable peristaltic pump

Speed variable peristaltic pumps adopts imported core processor, high quality stepper servo motor drive, speed control accuracy is ±0.2%. Through the Lead Fluid APP software, the pump can be remotely controlled and the running status can be monitored in real time. RS485 communication, Modbus protocol, can be connected to the upper computer such as computer, single chip microcomputer, PLC, frequency converter, man-machine interface through a variety of signal modes, to achieve systematic centralized control.


This peristaltic pump is designed to transfer the required liquid volume by adjusting the rotating speed. It is easy to operate. It is suitable for liquid volume transmission and simple sub packaging of liquid.

2.Flow intelligent peristaltic pump

Intelligent flow peristaltic pump, can realize high precision continuous transmission and simple quantitative function. 4.3 inch HD LCD touch screen display, simple operation. Support Lead Fluid APP software, which can remotely control the pump and monitor the running status in real time. Powerful functions to meet complex transmission requirements. RS485 communication, MODBUS protocol is available, adapt to different communication equipment.

This peristaltic pump is the intelligent one, which can input the required liquid volume directly on the touch screen, and realize the automatic transmission of the required liquid.

3.Intelligent dispensing peristaltic pump

Intelligent dispensing peristaltic pumps adopt stepper servo motors, 4.3 inch HD LCD touch screen display and operation, multiple dispensing modes are available, Through the Lead Fluid APP software, the pump can be remotely controlled and the running status can be monitored in real time.It is mainly suitable for high-precision transmission and timing and quantitative dispensing of liquids.

This is an intelligent peristaltic pump with four operation modes, which can easily realize a variety of transmission modes, especially suitable for liquid dispensing.

So if you are interested in the peristaltic pumps, please feel free to connect us, we will choose the suitable pump for you~