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TYD01-01(New) Laboratory Syringe Pump

Lead Fluid TYD01-01 laboratory syringe pump is a high-precision and multifunctional desktop syringe pump designed specifically for laboratory applications. Its unique design and functional features make it an good choice for various experimental environments.

Flow: 0.184nL/min~83.318mL/min
Max: 1 channel

•Lead Fluid TYD01-01(new) laboratory syringe pump is a high-precision and multifunctional desktop syringe pump designed
specifically for laboratory applications. Its unique design and functional features make it an good choice for various experimental
•Adopts integrated table model design, 5-inch HD LCD touch screen display and operation, can assembly 1 plastic syringe or gas
tight syringe, size range of syringe 10μl~60mL,flow range 0.184nL/min~83.318mL/min.
•Use excellent control system and precision mechanical structure, linear travel accuracy<± 0.35%, multiple working modes are
available,powerful function It is very suitable for high precision micro-transmission of various fluids in
scientific research and experiment.
•Drive screw fixation using high strength aviation bearing, compared with traditional copper sleeve bearing, the service life of the
screw has been significantly improved, and the accuracy is higher.
•TYD01-01(new) has strong Anti-EMI performance, continuous and stable operation under high voltage electrostatic field.RS485
communication, compatibility MODBUS protocol, automation control system can be composed of computer, PLC, single chip
computer etc,multiple host computers.


•Display and Operation
5-inch high resolution color LCD touch screen, convenient operation.
Support screen lock, key mute operation.
Button with indicator light,clearly working state.
•Multiple Working Modes and Syringes Support
Built-in multiple syringe manufacturers and specifications, while supporting
customized syringes, making them more flexible and diverse.
Including five working modes, including infuse and withdraw, to meet different
experimental operation requirements.
•High Precision Control and Safety Protection
Pre store multiple sets of data, meet high-precision control requirements
Syringe protection and traffic jam alarm function to ensure the safety and reliability of the experimental process.
•Communication and External Control
RS485 communication, support the MODBUS protocol, makes communication and remote control more convenient.
External control signal controls Start and Stop, Direction, Physical isolation of External Control Signals.
• Applicability and Convenience
Made of plastic housing, suitable for various experimental environments.
Support wide range of power input, making it more flexible and easy to use.
Multiple convenient designs, such as screen lock and button mute, make the experimental process smoother and more efficient.

Technical Parameter

Work mode: Infuse,withdraw,infuse /withdraw,withdraw/infuse,continuous mode
Number of channel: 1
Stroke of pump: 110mm
Advance per microstep: 0.156μm/μstep
Linear speed:1μm/min ~150mm/min
Linear resolution:μm/min
Accuracy:error<±0.35%,(>30% of pump stroke)
Max rated linear force:>16kgf
Thrust regulation:1~100% arbitrary adjustable
Syringe size:10μL~60mL
Syringe selection:Built-in main manufacturers, the main model syringe to choose. Can use custom syringe, direct input syringe size and diameter
Flow rate:0.184nL/min~83.318mL/min
Flow calibration:Through the calibration procedure to obtain more accurate fluid volume
Display:5-inch color LCD screen display and transfusion volume, residual fluid volume, flow ,operation direction ,syringe specification, etc. Animation display operation.
Operation mode:Touch screen + button
Power-off memory:Storing the running parameters automatically.
Function:Pause and stop, the sound tip, the lock parameters, fast forward and retreat quickly ,display brightness adjust.
State signal output:1 road start-stop status ,1 road direction status.
Control signal input:1 road startup and stop status ,1 road directional signal.
Communication interface:RS485 communication interface, MODBUS protocol.
Dimension mm(L×W×H):240×196×125mm
Power supply:AC100~240V,50/60Hz
Working environment:Temperature 5~40℃, relative humidity<80%.
IP grade: IP31.

Reference Table of Syringe Specifications and Flow Rate

Syringe Syringe ID(mm) Mix Flow(nL/min) Max Flow(mL/min)
10μL 0.485 0.184 0.027
25μL 0.729 0.417 0.0626
50μL 1.03 0.833 0.125
100μL 1.457 1.667 0.250
250μL 2.304 4.169 0.625
500μL 3.256 8.326 1.248
1mL 4.699 17.342 2.601
5mL 11.989 112.890 16.933
10mL 14.427 163.469 24.520
20mL 19.05 285.027 42.754
30mL 21.59 366.090 54.913
60mL 26.594 222.459 83.318

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure,in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium etc. Above for reference only.

Dimension (mm)

Statement:The final explanation right of above information belongs to Lead Fluid.