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TYD01-01 Laboratory Syringe Pump

Product introduction

TYD01-01 laboratory syringe pump is a support for a variety of work mode of high precision syringepump, high resolution color LCD, touch screen is convenient fast set parameters, multiple light is clear and confirmed its working status, and supports a variety of syringe to choose, to meet the requirements of different experimental flow and high precision control, and protection agencies and alarm mechanism.Support infusion/withdraw five kinds of working mode.Built-in RS – 485 communication, support the MODBUS protocol, all metal (stainless steel) shell, wide range power input, adapt to various occasions.

TYD01-01 suitable for syringe size 10ul to 60ml,Linear force:1um/min to 150mm/min

Flow: 0.184nL/min-83.318mL/min
Max: 1 Channel
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Function and Feature
 •  Assembly one syringes.
•  A various of working modes.
•  Color LCD touch screen display, convenient operation.
•  Support screen lock, key mute operation.
•   With lights, buttons, clearly working state;
•  Higher precise control.
•  Syringe protection and  traffic jam alarm;.
•  RS485 communication interface, support the MODBUS protocol.
•  External signal control start-stop and direction;
•  A wide range power input.
•  Full metal shell.

The parameters
 •  Syringe size: 10 ul – 60 ml;
•  Work mode: infusion, withdraw, infusion/withdraw, withdraw/infusion, continuous mode;
•  Channel number: 1;
•  Stroke of pump: 110 mm;
•  pusher advance per microstep: 0.156 um/ustep;
•  linear speed: 1 um/min – 150 mm/min;
•  Linear resolution: 1 um/min;
•  Linear travel accuracy: error <± 0.35% (>30% of pump stroke);
•  Linear force: maximum rated: > 16 KGF;
•  Thrust regulation: 1-100% arbitrary adjustable.
•  Syringe selection: built-in main manufacturers, the main model syringe to choose;Can use custom syringe, direct input syringe size& diameter;
•  Flow calibration: through the calibration procedure to obtain more accurate fluid volume;
•  Display: 4.3 -inch color LCD, 480 * 272 resolution, color 65 k;With screen display and transfusion volume, quantity of liquid, flow, operation direction, syringe specification, etc.;Animation display operation status;
•  Operation mode: touch screen + button;
•  Power-off memory:  storing the running parameters automatically.;
•  Other features: pause and stop;The sound tip;The lock parameters;Fast forward and retreat quickly;
•  State signal output: 1 road stop state, 1 state road direction;
•  Control signal input: 1 way down along the priming, 1 way down along the trigger to stop;
•  communication interface: RS485, MODBUS protocol;
•  Applicable power: AC100-240 v / 20 w;
•  working temperature: 5 to 40 ℃;
•  Relative humidity: < 80% RH;
•  Dimension: 245 * 195 * 140 mm
•  Weight: 3.2 kg

Model selection(Flow rate =Linear rate×Syringe inner sectional area)

Syringe sizeSyringe ID(mm)Min. flow rate (nl/min)Max .flow rate(ml/min)
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