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TYD01-02 Laboratory Syringe Pump

Product introduction
TYD01-02 laboratory syringe pump is a support for a variety of work mode of high precision syringe pump, high resolution color LCD, touch screen is convenient fast set parameters, multiple light is clear and confirmed its working status, and supports a variety of syringe to choose, to meet the requirements of different experimental flow and high precision control, and protection agencies and alarm mechanism.Support infusion/withdraw five kinds of working mode.Built-in RS – 485 communication, support the MODBUS protocol, all metal (stainless steel) shell, wide range power input, adapt to various occasions.

Flow: 0.184nL/min-83.318mL/min
Max: 2 Channels
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Function and Feature
 •  Assembly two syringes.
•  A various of working modes.
•  Color LCD touch screen display, convenient operation.
•  Support screen lock, key mute operation.
•   With lights, buttons, clearly working state;
•  Higher precise control.
•  Syringe protection and  traffic jam alarm;.
•  RS485 communication interface, support the MODBUS protocol.
•  External signal control start-stop and direction;
•  A wide range power input.
•  Full metal shell.

Technical  Parameters:
 •  Syringe size: 10 ul – 60 mL;
•  Work mode: infusion, withdraw, infusion/withdraw, withdraw/infusion, continuous mode;
•  Channel number: 2;
•  Stroke of pump: 110 mm;
•  pusher advance per microstep: 0.156 um/ustep;
•  linear speed: 1 um/min – 150 mm/min;
•  Linear resolution: 1 um/min;
•  Linear travel accuracy: error <± 0.35% (>30% of pump stroke);
•  Linear force: maximum rated: > 16 KGF;
•  Thrust regulation: 1-100% arbitrary adjustable.
•  Syringe selection: built-in main manufacturers, the main model syringe to choose;Can use custom syringe, direct input syringe size& diameter;
•  Flow calibration: through the calibration procedure to obtain more accurate fluid volume;
•  Display: 4.3 -inch color LCD, 480 * 272 resolution, color 65 k;With screen display and transfusion volume, quantity of liquid, flow, operation direction, syringe specification, etc.;Animation display operation status;
•  Operation mode: touch screen + button;
•  Power-off memory:  storing the running parameters automatically.;
•  Other features: pause and stop;The sound tip;The lock parameters;Fast forward and retreat quickly;
•  State signal output: 1 road stop state, 1 state road direction;
•  Control signal input: 1 way down along the priming, 1 way down along the trigger to stop;
•  communication interface: RS485, MODBUS protocol;
•  Applicable power: AC100-240V  / 20 w;
•  working temperature: 5 to 40 ℃;
•  Relative humidity: < 80% RH;
•  Dimension: 245 * 195 * 140 mm
•  Weight: 3.2 kg

Model selection(Flow rate =Linear rate×Syringe inner sectional area)

Syringe sizeSyringe ID(mm)Min. flow rate (nl/min)Max .flow rate(ml/min)

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium, etc. Above for reference only.

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