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BT103S Speed-Variable Peristaltic Pump

BT103S speed-variable peristaltic pump adopts high quality closed-loop stepper motor drive, speed range 0.1~100rpm, speed accuracy<±0.2%, one channel flow range 0.0001~480ml/min. Through Lead Fluid APP software, the pump can be controlled remotely and running status can be monitored in real time. RS485 communication, MODBUS protocol is available,can be connected to upper computers such as computers, single-chip microcomputers, PLCs,frequency converters, and human-machine interfaces through a variety of signal modes to achieve systematic centralized control.

Flow: 0.0002-480ml/min
Max: 4 channels
Warranty: 3 years for the peristaltic pump drive


Functions and Features

High Precision Motor

High precision stepper motor
Speed accuracy<±0.2%
Closed-loop control




Intelligent Cloud Control

Wifi function
Support mobile phone App remotely control





Super anti-interference feature
CE certifaction guarantee




External Control Function

Powerful external control function
Support 5~24V wide voltage input
RS485 interface
MODBUS communication protocol



Exquisite Appearance

ABS injection molding shell
Streamline design
Simple and beautiful



  • LF-LED-OS software system, high definition lattice LCD display,switching between Chinese-English,parameter setting simplely,intuitive state display.
  • Industrial mask keypad operation, simple and convenient, high durability.
  • High quality closed-loop stepper motor drive, speed precision, running stability,high-precision flow transmission.
  • Start/Stop, adjust speed, reversible direction, full speed and,state memory (power-down memory).
  • Can set the parameters of running time, interval time and cycle times to meet the requirements of timing, quantitative, liquid dispensing and
    flow testing.
  • Slow speed stop and suction function, which can effectively prevent the dropping of liquid when the machine stops.
  • Keypad locked function to prevent misoperation.
  • The remote start-stop, adjust speed and timing operation can be realized through LeadFluid APP software. It also has monitoring functions
    such as stop alarm, change of pump tube and so on.
  • Streamline injection molding shell design, simple, beautiful and easy to clean.
  • The circuit board with conformal coating makes it dust-proof and moisture-proof.
  • Super anti-interference feature, wide input voltage range, acceptable for complex power environment.
  • External analog adjust speed , external control start-stop ,reversible direction, external control signal physical isolation.
  • RS485 communication interface, Modbus protocol is available, support settinig communication parameters, easy to connect with various control devices.
  • Can match various high performance pump head,realize different pump head and drive combination.
  • Support blocking turn alarm , leakage alarm (optional).
  • Thermal printer can be connected, real-time printing operation parameters (optional).


Flow range0.0000~480ml/min
Speed range0.1~100rpm
Speed resolution
0.1 rpm
Speed accuracy
Display mode
Window 77x32mm, Monochromatic 132*32 lattice liquid crystal
Switching between Chinese and English
Operation mode
Industrial mask keypad
Operation modeLong press direction keypay to lock, long press start and stop key to unlock.
Timing functionTiming running time 0.1-999 S/Min/H/D,interval time
0.1 -999 S/Min/H/D
Cycle times0~999(0 Infinite cycle )
Back Suction angle0~720°
External control signal inputStart /Stop: passive contact, external control input level 5-24V. Reversible direction: passive contact, external control input level 5-24V. Adjust speed: analog quantity 0-5V,0-10V,4-20mA can set.
External control signal outputStart /Stop : level signal (following input voltage). Reversible direction : level signal (following input voltage). Speed state: analog quantity 0-5V.
Communication interfaceRS485, MODBUS protocol is available,DB15 external control interface.
Power supplyAC100~240V ,50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption<30W
Working environmentTemperature 0~40℃, relative humidity<80%
IP GradeIP31
Drive weight
2.9 kg

Applicable Pump Head and Tube, Flow Parameters

Pump Head

Channel Number


Per Channel Flow Rate(mL/min)

DG6(6 rollers)

Wall 0.8~1mm,ID≤3.17mm
DG10(10 rollers)
Wall 0.8~1mm,ID≤3.17mm

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium, etc. Above for reference only.


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