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Meet at The Pittcon Exhibition

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Welcome to meet Lead Fluid on Pittcon conference and exposition

March 18-22, 2023
Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia, PA, USA

Pittcon’s transnational exposition gives you the opportunity to see the latest laboratory instrumentation, participate in demonstrations and product seminars, talk directly with technical experts, and find solutions to all your laboratory challenges.

Preview The Exhibits


BT103S speed-variable peristaltic pump adopts high quality closed-loop stepper motor drive, speed range 0.1~100rpm, speed accuracy<±0.2%, one channel flow range 0.0001~480ml/min. Through Lead Fluid APP software, the pump can be controlled remotely and running status can be monitored in real time. RS485 communication, MODBUS protocol is available,can be connected to upper computers such as computers, single-chip microcomputers, PLCs, frequency converters, and human-machine interfaces through a variety of signal modes to achieve systematic centralized control.

It is mainly used for animal heart perfusion, chromatography, precise dosing of small reactors, protein purification, water circulation devices, and feeding of coating granules.


BT600L intelligent flow peristaltic pump, can realize high precision continuous transmission and simple quantitative function.4.3 inch HD LCD touch screen display, simple operation. Support Lead Fluid APP software,which can remotely control the pump and monitor the running status in real time. Powerful functions to meet complex transmission requirements.

It is mainly used for synthetic reaction addition, discharge, TFF ultrafiltration, coating granulation supply.


The BT601F Allocation Intelligent Peristaltic Pump adopts color LCD and touch screen technology, with a simple and clear operation interface. It is mainly used for complex liquid quantitative allocation, accurate metering and quantitative feeding.


The TYD01-02 laboratory syringe pump adopts excellent control system and precision mechanical structure, with multiple working modes optional, powerful functions, and is very suitable for high-precision micro-transfer of various fluids in scientific research experiments.

ODM products

Lead Fluid has extensive ODM customization experience and can provide reliable, comprehensive and economical customization solutions to meet the diversified needs of the market.

Welcome to meet Lead Fluid on Pittcon conference and exposition to get more product details~