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China import and export fair exhibition hall, August 16, 2017

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Exhibition introduce

International exhibition for global water/sewage, air, solid waste and energy conservation

CEPEE China guangzhou international environmental protection industry exposition sponsored by the China environmental science society such as authority, the relevant government departments to support an annual one south China high quality, good effect, signing active chief environmental event. Show with “green, innovation, development” as the theme, based in guangdong, after ten years in south China market of precipitation and accumulation, has close cooperation relations with more than 60 industry association, the establishment of a broad and stable client network, timely and accurate 600000 large database resources, for the global environmental protection trade flows, technical exchanges, the development of resources to provide the best trading platform.

The exhibition highlights

The chief environmental protection event in south China is supported by the leading media, exhibitors and relevant government agencies and consulates.

China environmental science institute and other leaders, more than 30 high-end BBS industries, focusing on the trend and setting off unlimited business opportunities!

11 years of successful experience in south China, the strongest, most complete database and industry resources in south China. Use the Internet, WeChat platform, SMS, mail, telephone booking, etc., to reach the high quality audience, practice one-to-one invitation, meet online and offline perfect fusion.

More than 200 environmental departments, purchasing departments, scientific research departments, associations of associations, environmental protection industry associations and foreign business organizations have been involved in supporting and inviting end users to present. The procurement meeting, financing, communication, dealer association and other activities.

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