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Is Laziness The Primary Driving Force of Technology?

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In the wave of the times, new technologies are constantly changing our way of life. The fast pace of life drives us to constantly choose more convenient and faster living tools. The ‘Gospel of the Lazy’ sweeping robot has gradually entered our daily lives. Peristaltic pump assisted sweeping robot industry At present, the mainstream sweeping robots on the market all have a sweeping and dragging integrated function, and the sweeping robots are equipped with a water tank, sewage tank, and cleaning agent inside. When the sweeping robot is working, it… Read More »Is Laziness The Primary Driving Force of Technology?

Lead Fluid ODM Pumps Helps Water Quality Testing

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Water quality analyzer is a professional instrument used to measure the content of BOD, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, turbidity, PH, dissolved oxygen and other components in water quality, which plays an important role in rapid and scientific diagnosis of water quality, precise pollution control and water resource protection. With the progress of science and technology, the rapid development of water quality monitoring technology, water quality analyzer has been developed towards high automation and unattended direction, so it has higher requirements on all supporting devices in terms of… Read More »Lead Fluid ODM Pumps Helps Water Quality Testing

Good News, Four Lead Fluid Employees Won Honors

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The New Year holiday is over and the new year begins Good news from Lead Fluid company Yun Liu , Qiang Wang Two technical experts Won the title of “Hebei Science and Technology Talents’ Double Hundred and Double Thousand ‘Project Science and Technology SMEs Innovation Talents” awarded by Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Xiaolei Li , Qingchao Li Two skilled craftsmen Outstanding performance in the “Action Project of Cultivating Young Artisan Talents” Awarded the honorary title of “Xushui Pioneer Talent” Innovative talents of technology-based SMEs “Innovative talents of small and medium-sized technology-based… Read More »Good News, Four Lead Fluid Employees Won Honors