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Lead Fluid ODM Pumps Helps Water Quality Testing

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Water quality analyzer is a professional instrument used to measure the content of BOD, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, turbidity, PH, dissolved oxygen and other components in water quality, which plays an important role in rapid and scientific diagnosis of water quality, precise pollution control and water resource protection.

With the progress of science and technology, the rapid development of water quality monitoring technology, water quality analyzer has been developed towards high automation and unattended direction, so it has higher requirements on all supporting devices in terms of quality and accuracy. In terms of quality, it requires long-term stable and reliable operation, resistance to organic solvents, high temperature, climate, etc. Accuracy is the requirement of the test results, but accurate results need to be achieved by the pump as the power module for timely and accurate transmission of water samples and test reagents.

The Lead Fluid team has matched the BZ15-16 pump head + stepper motor for the customer according to the customized requirements of accuracy and environment in the series of online water quality monitors developed and produced by the customer, so as to achieve long-term reliable operation, accurate and stable delivery, and jointly guard the source of life!

Product Introduction



● Durable:

The roller assembly is made of stainless steel 304 material, which can work continuously and at high speed for a long time.

● High transmission accuracy:

The ingenious pressure pipe structure can ensure very low transmission pulsation without adding rotor, combined with the drive of stepper motor, it has high transmission accuracy and repeatability.

● Better chemical resistance:

The shell material can be PC or PPS, PC is transparent, which is convenient for observing the operation inside the pump head, and PPS has better chemical resistance.

● Strong applicability:

There are two kinds of pipe installation methods, whole tube card pipe and embedded pipe joint card pipe, which have strong applicability.

● Wide flow range:

The highest flow rate can reach 2100ml/min.

● Extremely high cost performance:

Classic design, stable structure, with extremely high cost performance, can be widely used in various small and medium instruments and equipment for the matching of inlet and outlet liquid system.

Data display

High Precision

(Flow rate change graph of BZ15-16+16# silicone tube within 60s under 50rpm, 200rpm, 400rpm, 600rpm)

(Test data of BZ15-16+16# silicone tube with 60s)

Absolute error = Maximum value – Minimum value. Error rate = absolute error / average.

The smaller the absolute error and error rate, the higher the accuracy. The absolute error and error rate of BZ15-16+16# silicone tube within 60s under 50rpm, 200rpm, 400rpm and 600rpm are 0.552%, 0.164%, 0.123%, 0.658%, 0.071%, 0.101% and 0.138% respectively.

(Graph of Average Flow Change within 72 Hours at 600 RPM for BZ15-16+16# Silicone Tube)

The average flow rate is the average of multiple measurement data taken in each predetermined time period, showing the changes in flow rate. The flow rate change rate = (flow rate after running Nh – initial flow rate) / initial flow rate. The closer the flow rate change rate is to 0, the more stable the flow rate is. The flow rate change rate of BZ15-16+16# silica tube at 600rpm for 72 hours is 3.99%.


BZ15-16 has a life expectancy of over 3,000 hours when running at a maximum load of 600 rpm and 24 hours non-stop operation at high speed. When used in water quality online monitor, the intermittent working time is even longer!

Customer Evaluation

The product manager said:

The products of Lead Fluid are reliable in performance and stable in operation, and will be used as long-term supporting in the future!

For more than ten years, Lead Fluid has been dedicated to fluid transmission with technological innovation, leading the new vitality of fluid, and providing perfect customized services to realize “pump with heart”!