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peristaltic pump application

Peristaltic Pump Helps the Production of Lithium Battery Copper Foil

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Under the trend of global environmental protection concept development, China has put forward stricter environmental requirements for the automotive industry, with stricter emission requirements for carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and PM fine particles. This is not only an important opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry, but also poses greater challenges to new energy material technology. As a key component material of lithium batteries, higher requirements have also been placed on the production technology of lithium battery copper foil. Copper foil is processed by methods… Read More »Peristaltic Pump Helps the Production of Lithium Battery Copper Foil

How to Select the Appropriate Model of Peristaltic Pump?

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Selection of Peristaltic pump is the first step when purchasing Peristaltic pump Do you know how to select Peristaltic pump? Let’s learn together. Q1 Determine the Application Requirements To select a suitable Peristaltic pump, first determine the application requirements: 1.Determine traffic size 2.What kind of liquid needs to be transported 3.Requirements for accuracy 4.Number of channels required 5.Pressure range, control method, etc The Peristaltic pump is mainly divided into three parts: pump head, tube and driver. Next, we will select the corresponding performance parameters of these components according to the… Read More »How to Select the Appropriate Model of Peristaltic Pump?

Why To Choose A Large Flow Peristaltic Pump?

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In the filling industry, large flow peristaltic pumps generally sell more than small flow pumps. Some users even buy large ones rather than small ones.That’s why? Let’s explore together. 1.Wide adaptation range The filling system can be applied in many industries. Compared with the small flow pump, the large flow peristaltic pump has a wider application range. Therefore, in order to apply in many industries (such as phosphate fertilizer, petroleum, chemical fiber and other production enterprises), it is better to choose the large flow pump. 2.The maintenance is relatively convenient The… Read More »Why To Choose A Large Flow Peristaltic Pump?

How Does The Peristaltic Pump Work In The Laboratory?

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Peristaltic pumps are widely used in the laboratory, such as chromatography, medium transport, tissue perfusion, etc. Let’s explore how peristaltic pumps work in these applications? 1.Chromatography Chromatography is a kind of mixture separation technology, which is widely used in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry and other fields. Chromatography can be applied to the determination of protein molecular weight, the separation and purification of protein, the determination of polysaccharide molecular weight, and the separation and purification of polysaccharide. Chromatographic column, detector, collector, peristaltic pump and other equipment are generally used for… Read More »How Does The Peristaltic Pump Work In The Laboratory?

What’s The Explanation Of Words About Peristaltic Pump?

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Peristaltic pump is widely used, such as in pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection industry, laboratory, instrument supporting, food filling and so on. Do you know some words about peristaltic pump? Let’s learn together. 1.Pulse During the pumping process of the peristaltic pump, the runner needs to be released alternately, so the liquid will be sucked back at the moment of release, resulting in the sudden reduction of the discharged liquid, which will cause the pulse delivered by the peristaltic pump. Lead Fluid pulse damper can effectively reduce pulse 2.Working mode The… Read More »What’s The Explanation Of Words About Peristaltic Pump?