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TFD03-01 Laboratory Syringe Pump

The TFD03-01 syringe pump is a single-channel split style micro syringe pump that combines aesthetics, intelligence, precision, and reliability. It is an ideal choice for laboratories requiring high-precision, pulse-free transmission of microflow volumes.

Flow: 0.005nL/min-152.456uL/min
Max: 1 Channel


•New Design
Whole machine lightweight, injection-molded shell, stronger anti-static capability, sleek and beautiful appearance.
Controller and execution unit are designed separately, easy to disassemble, and convenient for joint use with other instruments and equipment (such as brain stereotactic locator).
•New Interface
The 5-inch high-resolution color LCD touchscreen provides a more intuitive and clear interface, featuring the LF-Touch-OS software system for stable and reliable operation.
New interface for a simpler and fresh look, with comfortable color schemes, optimized layout, and emphasis on user-friendly functionality presentation from the user’s perspective.
•Improved Operation Convenience
Easily switch between speed and time units to meet the requirements of different experimental scenarios. Supports both horizontal and vertical screen orientations,
optimizing display in limited workspace. Flow calibration is more precise and straightforward, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.
•Improved Safety
Added password function to prevent unauthorized personnel from modifying parameters, strengthening the security of experimental data.
•Precision casting and high-precision control
Excellent control system and precise mechanical structure, with a travel control accuracy error less than ±0.35%.
Strong anti-electromagnetic interference performance, capable of continuous stable operation under high-voltage electrostatic fields.
•Compatible with various syringes
Built-in various syringe manufacturers and specifications, while also supporting custom syringes for increased flexibility and diversity.
•Automatic control system
Forms an automated control system with computers, PLC, single-chip microcomputers, etc.
Optional Wi-Fi control function can be equipped, allowing remote control of the pump through the Lead Fluid app.

Technical Parameter

Working Mode: Infuse, withdrawal, pre-infuse followed by withdrawal, pre-withdrawal followed by infuse, continuous circulation.
Channel number: 1
Flow Range: 0.005nL/min(10µL)- 152.456µL/min(100uL)
Maximum stroke: 70 mm
Stroke resolution: 0.1905μm/ustep
Linear Velocity: 0.6096um/min –91.44mm/min
Stroke Control Accuracy: Error±0.35% (when working stroke >30% of whole stroke)
Linear Thrust: > 1Kgf, adjustable
Syringe size: 0.5uL-100uL
Display: 5-inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen
Operation method: Mask key + touch screen operation
States signal output: Start/stop states and direction states.
Control signal input: Start/stop states and direction states.
Wattage: <30W
Dimensions of driver: 240*196*125mm
Dimensions of execution unit: 173*39*52mm
Weight (controller+execution unit): 1.495kg +0.245kg
Applicable Power Supply: AC 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Degree of Protection: IP31
Degree of Pollution: 2
Working Environment: Temperature 5- 40°C, relative humidity<80%

Dimension (mm)