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Milliliter Peristaltic Pump HSP3000

Lead Fluid HSP3000 series products are mainly used for high-precision filling of various aqueous solutions, filling range 25μl~3ml. It has the advantages of high accuracy, high repeatability, high efficiency, high cleanliness, maintenance friendly and simple operation. It can be used manually and automatically.

Typical Applications
• Magnetic beads solution • Glycerol • Glycerol serum • Glycerol ethanol
• Glycerol paraffin oil • Glycerol Mix reagent • Glycerol protease k
• Cell lysis buffer • Urea

Flow: 25μL~3000μL
Max: 16 Channels

Function and Feature

• High filling accuracy, the error is less than ±2%.
• Modular design, easy to expand, compact, multiple pumps can be cascaded to form a multi-channel filling system.
• The man-machine interface directly input liquid volume parameters, easy to operate.
• Design of special mechanical structure to achieve the perfect combination of accuracy, efficiency and stability.
• Filling efficiency can reach 2 bottles per second.
• High precision servo motor drive, large torque, free-maintenance.
• Small volume, spring-type pressurized tube structure and high working efficiency.
• Suction back function,zero dripping,instant shutdown.
• Nano-scale filling needle,which is hydrophobic and can achieve zero liquid suspension.
• The pump tube is easy to disassemble, which is conducive to cleaning and sterilization, and supports CIP and SIP.
• The wear of the pump pipe is small, the continuous service life can reach 1000 hours, the 12-hour capacity. attenuation is less than 1%, and the maintenance is simple.
• It can be operated manually or used with an automatic production line.

Technical Parameters

Filling range                       25μL~3000μL                                         
Accuracy                            ±2%
Channel                             1(Single), up to 16 channels cascade are supported
Filling time                          0.01~999.99S
Interval time                        0.40~3600S
Filling times                        1~10000
Tubing                                ID 0.5~4.8mm
Display                               7 inch HD color touch screen
External control                  Dry contact start signal, lack of bottle filling stop signal, feedback signal
House material                   Aluminum alloy
Maximum pressure            0.15Mpa
Power supply                     AC 100~240V
Power consumption          Single channel 35W
Working environment        Temperature 0 ~ 40℃, relative humidity<80%
IP grade                             IP31
Controller weight               2.1kg
Driver weight                     3.2kg


Compared with Traditional Peristaltic Pump

Milliliter Peristaltic Pump
Traditional Peristaltic Pump
Filling accuracy
The minimum filling volume is 25 μ l, accuracy error less than ± 2%
Not suitable for filling less than 100μl, the error of 200μl is less than ±3μl
Filling efficiency
Can reach 120 bottles/minute.
The output is less than 40 bottles per minute.
Volume decrease
Run continuously for 12 hours with less than 1% attenuation,
and no calibration is required for a day’s work.
The continuous running time is 12 hours, and the attenuation is more than 5%; usually it needs to be calibrated every 2 hours.
Tube Life
More than 1000 hours when it runs continuously.
Between 70 to 100 hours.
Perfect combination of special mechanical structure and tube kits realizes
zero hanging liquid.
Traditional structure,it’s easy to hang liquid at the tip of the needle.

Compared with Plunger Pump

Milliliter Peristaltic Pump
Ceramic Plunger Pump
No blind area, no accumulation of liquid, materials only contact with clean tube, no pollution.
Blind area, liquid accumulation, contact between material and pump head cavity, and insufficient cleaning.
Filling different materials requires only replacement of tubes to avoid cross contamination,
simple maintenance, and low cost
A pump can only fill one material, and the maintenance is complex.
The liquid may contain magnetic beads and other particles.
The liquid must be clean and free of impurities.
   Filling range
25μl~3000μl(single channel)
0.3~100ml,0.5~500ml(single channel)
Liquid drop
No dropping
Easily Dropping
Fallen objects
Low extrusion strength, no mechanical friction, and smooth inner wall of the cavity without
shedding objects
Mechanical continuous friction, easy detachment of particles from the cavity.


Filling Accuracy and Efficiency


Filling Volume
Error Value
Accuracy Error
12 Hour Decay Rate

1.Test condition for the above data:
At normal temperature and pressure, with the level of water unchanged, silicone hose is used for transmission. The inlet end
is 1 meter and the outlet end is 1 meter. All weighing data are measured by Sartorius high-precision balance with accuracy of
one hundred thousandth.
2.The error value and accuracy data are based on 50 sets of continuous measurements, and this data does not include the
influence of the last drop.
3.12-hour decay rate:
Under the condition of 60 bottles/minute, after the equipment is installed and debugged, run for 3 hours first, then record 10 sets
of filling data every 12 hours, run continuously for 5 days and take the maximum value.
4.During the filling process, the precipitation of dissolved gases in the liquid will produce bubbles, which will have a great impact
on the accuracy of filling below 1000μl. Pay attention to bubble removal during use.
5.The final explanation right of above information belongs to Lead Fluid, please consult Lead Fluid engineers for more details.

Pump Dimension (mm)   


Controller Dimension(mm)   

Statement:The final explanation right of above information belongs to Lead Fluid.