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DS600-X Peristaltic Pump Filling System

Flow: 0.1-500mL
Max: Customized

Functional characteristics of peristaltic pump filling system

• Stainless steel housing, easy to clean, excellent resistance to the corrosion of the acid、alkali、sodium and the organic solvents.
• Color LCD touch screen with intuitive and clear displaying interface, easy to operate.
• Unique intelligent calibration system, greatly reducing the workload of users and improving efficiency.
• Can cascade for more channels
• Applicable pump head: YZ15, YZ25
• Volume range: 0.1-500 ml.
• Dispensing time: 0.1-99.99 second.
• Dispensing accuracy: up to 0.5%.
• Speed resolution: 0.1rpm.
• Fine adjustment on line, it is convenient for users adjusting flow rate as tubing’s aging.
• With offline and online function for each channel.
• The circuit board with conformal coating makes it dust-proof and moisture-proof.
• Each channel will stop working when lack of the bottle.

Technical parameters

• Technical parameters: DS600-X
• Filling range(mL): 0.1-500
• Speed range(rpm): 0.1-600
• Speed resolution(rpm): 0.1
• Flow accuracy: <0.5%
• Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz/60Hz(standard ) ;
AC110± 10% 50Hz/60Hz(optional)
• Power consumption: <240W
• External control : External bottle-lack signal and start signal
• Communication interface: RS485 communication interface, MODBUS protocol is available.
• Operating condition: Temperature 0 ~ 40 °C; Relative humidity <80%
• IP grade: IP31

DS600-X Multichannel Dispensing System Applicable pump head, tubing and flow parameters.

Pump head           Tubing(mm)             Volume range(mL)            Filling time(s)

YZ15                   13#14#16#19#25#17#               0.1-50                                       0.6-3s

YZ25                          15# 24#                                 10-50                                           1-3s

YT25                 15# 24# 35# 36#                         10-100                                         1-4s

KZ25                 15#24#35#36#                            20-200                                        1-4s

YZ35                          73#82#                                100-1000                                     2-5s

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium, etc. Above for reference only.