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JP301S Batch Transfer Peristaltic Pump

Lead Fluid JP301S batch transfer peristaltic pump is suitable for industrial applications. The single channel max flow rate is 33L/min under normal pressure and the max pressure is 0.3Mp. Compact and reasonable structure, easy to install the tube. The rollers adopt planetary gear transmission, safe and reliable, and prolong the tube life.

Flow: 0.64-33L/min
Max: 2 Channels


Biopharmaceutical                            Food industry
Liquid medicine filtration               Fluidized bed supply
Liquid medicine transfer                 Biocatalyst transfer

Feature and Feature

• Wide flow range, can reach 4m³/hour.
• Pump head rollers adopt planetary gear design, powerful .
• The rollers are driven to rotate and rub against the tube, which prolongs the life of the tube.
• Open the lid ,the pump stop running, safe and reliable.
• Elastic pressure tube structure can prolong the tubing life.
• AC motor drive, external frequency control. It can be operated manually, also can be achieved networking operation with PLC, IPC and computer.

1. Flow range: 0.64-33 L/min (single channel)

2. Suitable tubing: 88#, 92#, 193#, 191#

3. Shall material: aluminium alloy

4. Roller: 4

5. Speed range: 30~350 rpm

6. Gap adjustment:  adjustable

7. Operating condition: temperature 0 – 40℃

8. Power supply: AC380V/220V

9. Power consumption: 1.1kw

10.IP grade: IP54(Not include frequency converter)

Applicable pump head and tube, flow parameters

Pump Head
Single Channel Flow Rate (L/min)



Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium, etc. Above for reference only.