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J450A1YT25 ODM Peristaltic Pump


• YT25 pump head is suitable for various specifications of tubes, tube
replacement is simple and fast, and the structure is compact.
• The PPS is resistant to most organic solvents and other corrosive
liquids and is rugged.
• The pressure tube clearance is adjustable, making it more adaptable.
• The rollers are made of stainless steel 304, suitable for different working conditions.
• AC reduction motor, cost-effective.


Motor Type: AC reduction motor
Power Supply: AC 220V
Wattage: 90W
Fixed Speed: 490±5%rpm
Channel Number: 1
Number of Rollers: 3 rollers
Rotation Direction: Clockwise/Counterclockwise rotation
Lift Head: 10 m
Adaptable Tube Wall Thickness: 2.4 mm
Suitable Tube (ID): 15#(4.8mm), 24#(6.4mm), 35#(7.9mm), 36#(9.6mm)
Material of Tube: Silicone, Pharmed
Method of Tube Installation: Fixed by pump head
Pressure Tube Type: Pump head clamps
Pump Head Shell Material: PPS
Pump Head Roller Material: 304 stainless steel
Pump Head Life: ≥5000h
Noise: ≤85dB (test environment noise ≤40dB, test product and noise meter horizontal distance of 1 meter)
Weight: 8kg (without tube)
Dimensions: (L×W×H) 344*115*180(mm)
Working Environment: Temperature 0- 40°C, relative humidity<80% RH
Storage Environment: Ambient temperature of -20 ~ +50 °C, relative humidity of not more than 95% of the clean and well-ventilated
environment, the air shall not contain corrosive, flammable gases, oil mist, dust.

Flow Rate Reference Table

Tube ID(mm) 15#(ID4.8) 24#(ID6.4) 35#(ID7.9) 36#(ID9.6)
Flow Rate (mL/min) 882 1519 1911 2450

The above data is obtained from the test of purified water with a Lead Fluid tube under normal and pressure conditions in the laboratory. This data is for reference only.
Due to pressure in actual use, temperature, medium characteristics, tube material and other specific factors, the specific situation needs to consult our engineers.

Product Structure & Usage Method

Product Structure
Tube Installation
• Pull the lever to the left to the horizontal position and lift the
upper pressure block.
• Please select a tube that is suitable for the specified wall thickness of the pump head.
• Push down on one side of the spring-loaded tube clamp to put the tube in, then push
down on the other side of the spring-loaded tube clamp to put the other side of the tube in.

Usage Method
Fine-tuning Knob Description:
• The fine-tuning knob are adjusted at the factory and are ready for using.
• If there is a failure to transfer the liquid, adjust the knob as follows.
• Adjust the clearance fine-tuning knob counterclockwise to the loosest state.
• Slowly adjust the fine-tuning knob clockwise until the liquid can be delivered continuously without back flow during shutdown.
If higher pressure transmission is required, the knob can be further adjusted clockwise.
• After adjusting the knob, the upper pressure block and the body should be basically in the same plane. To increase the tube’s lifespan,
the plane of the upper pressure block can be slightly higher than that of the body.