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FT1524 Peristaltic Pump Head

Flow: ≤1900mL/min
Max: 1 Channel


  • The FT1524 peristaltic pump head adopts elastic pressure block design, which can adapt to the wall thickness error of the tube and improve the stability and reliability of the transmission accuracy, thus increasing the service life of the tube.
  • Spring self-adaptive clamping devices are installed on both sides of the pump head, which can conveniently install tube of different thicknesses without manual adjustment.
  • 3 rollers(standard)and 4 rollers(optional) can be optionally configured to meet different application requirements. The 3-roller pump head provides the maxi mum flow rate, while the 4-roller pump head can improve the accuracy of the flow rate and reduce the pulse.
  • Compared with the same flow pump head, the FT1524 pump head has a smaller volume and more compact structure, which can save installation space.
  • The flip cover design of the FT1524 pump head makes it very easy to open the cover, making it easy for users to replace and install tubes, improving efficiency and convenience.
  • The color matching of the product can be customized according to the user’s needs to meet personalized needs.
  • The FT1524 pump head is compatible with different motors or drivers, which is very suitable for general instrument matching and laboratory use, providing greater flexibility and customization to meet the needs of different users.



Roller material: PET(optional S304 material)

Pump Head Specification

Max flow: 1900mL/min(single channel)

Max speed: 400rpm(run continuously),600rpm(intermittently run)

Tube: 13#,14#,19#,16#,25#,17#,18#

Channel: 1

Rollers: 3(4rollers optional)

Tube fixing method: Tube clamp fixation

Interval adjustment: Spring

Dimension (L×W×H): 86.9×89.9×71.1mm

Working environment: Temperature 0 ~ 40℃, relative humidity<80%


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