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CT3001F Micro Gear Pump

Product introduction

CT3001F is a high performance, low noise of micro gear pump, brushless servo motor, stainless steel, magnetic drive pump head can be realized constant transfering fluid without pulsation.Streamline drives use plastic shell, color LCD display, touch screen operation, can be easily set parameters.A variety of work mode, flow display, and are suitable for all kinds of LAB areas.A variety of external control way, convenient to use with other devices,and the MODBUS protocol communication, simplify the difficulty of system development.

   CT3001F working speed 50-3000 r/min, speed resolution 1rpm.

Flow: 15-2700 mL/min
Max: 1 Channel
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Function and Feature
• It can be installed a variety of pump head.
• It is suitable for transmission more viscous, high pressure liquid.
• No pulse transmission, low noise.
• Adopt magnetic coupling is designed, easy to maintain.
• Adopt brushless servo drive, high efficiency, no maintenance.
• Color LCD display, touch screen operation.
• Display the flow rate and flow rate controlable.
• It has a variety of work mode.
• Flow calibration wizard, ensure the accuracy of fluid volume.
• Intelligent temperature control function.
• External control signal control, physical isolation, analog control.
• RS485 communication, support the MODBUS protocol.
• Shape adopt stream line plastic shell.
• Wide range power input, adapted to different environment.

Technical Parameters:

CT3001F parameters

Main Function

Main Features

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