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BZ Peristaltic Pump Head

■ Lead Fluid BZ series pump head max flow rate 2100 mL/min, can be cascade multiple pump heads.
■ The ingenious pressure tube structure ensures very low transmission pulsation without increasing the roller,highest transmission accuracy and repeatability.
■ Each type of pump head corresponds to a special one size tube. It has better performance and longer service life than general pump head.
■ The shell material can be PC or PPS, the PC is transparent and easy to observe the internal operation of the pump head, PPS is better chemical res istance.
■ The roller adopts 304SS, can work long time with high speed.
■ Support two kinds of tube fixed way the whole tube and built-in t ube connector, strong applicability.
■ Classic design, stable structure, high cost performance,It can be widely used in various small and medium-sized instruments and e quipment.

Flow: 0.0033~2100mL/min

BZ15Pump Head:BZ15-13#(suitable for 13# tube)
BZ15-14#(suitable for 14# tube)
BZ15-19#(suitable for 19# tube)
BZ15-16#(suitable for 16# tube)
BZ15-25#(suitable for 25# tube)
BZ15-17#(suitable for 17# tube)
BZ15-18#(suitable for 18# tube)

BZ25Pump Head:BZ25-15#(suitable for 15# tube)
BZ25-24#(suitable for 24# tube)

Flow Parameters BZ15

Tube material: Silicone,Pharmed,Viton,Norprene.etc. Wall thickness 1.6mm

ID(mm) 0.8 1.6 2.4 3.1 4.8 6.4 7.9
Tube 13# 14# 19# 16# 25# 17# 18#
mL/rpm 0.033 0.18 0.43 0.67 1.7 3.0 3.5
mL/min( continuous working max 100rpm) 20 110 260 400 1020 1800 2100

Flow Parameters BZ25

Tube material: Silicone,Pharmed,Viton.etc. Wall thickness 2.4mm

ID(mm) 4.8 6.4
Tube 15# 24#
mL/rpm 1.8 2.6
mL/min( continuous working max 100rpm) 1056 1560

The above flow data wer e obtained from the tests using a silicone tube to tr ansfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure conditions in the Leif labor atory. This data is f or reference only.

Pump Head Specification

•Flow Range: 0.0033~2100ml/min
•Speed Range: 0.1~600rpm/min
• Shell Material: PPS\PC
• Roller material: SS304
• Roller: 3
•Tubing method: Tube connector built-in\The whole tube
•Clearance adjustment: Fixed clearance

•Motor: Stepper motor\DC gear motor\AC gear motor

Dimension (mm) (BZ15)


Dimension (mm) (BZ15)

Dimension (mm) (BZ25)

Tube Life Comparison Table

For longer tube life, use thick tubes and low rotational speeds ; If a large flow rate is required, use a thick tube and high speed; Fo r higher accuracy, use thin tubes and medium to high speeds; For higher suction lift and back pressure, use thinner thick walled tubes and lower rotational speeds.

Statement:The final explanation right of above information belongs to Lead Fluid.