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Meet at The Analitica Latin America Exhibition

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Welcome to meet Lead Fluid on Analitica Latin America

Septmber 26-28, 2023
Centro deExposições Imigrantes Rodovia dos Imigrantes

Analitica Latin America is one of the leading global gathering places for the chemical and analytical industry. Suppliers, distributors and manufacturers from industries such as laboratory technology, biotechnology and quality control showcase the latest news and trends in the industry at this biennial event. So far, it is the most authoritative experimental instruments and testing equipment exhibition in South America, the exhibits are all over the biochemical field, analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, etc. Exhibitors evaluate this exhibition as the largest experimental equipment exhibition in Brazil.

Preview The Exhibits

BQ80S Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump

BQ80S speed-variable peristaltic pump in the previous generation on the basis of the appearance design optimization and product function upgrade, low flow rate of 0.001-32ml/min,speed accuracy<±0.2%, added mobile phone App remote control, locked rotor alarm, leakage alarm and smart functions, human-computer interaction more friendly. BQ80S is used for precise transmission of small flow liquids and high precision dispensing, suitable for instrument matching and laboratory use.

BT600F Intelligent Dispensing Peristaltic Pump

BT600F intelligent dispensing peristaltic pumps adopt stepper servo motors, 4.3 inch HD LCD touch screen display and operation, multiple dispensing modes are available. The flow range is 0.005~3000 mL/min. Through the Lead Fluid APP software, the pump can be remotely controlled and the running status can be monitored in real time.

WG600S Industrial Speed-Variable Peristaltic Pump

WG600S industrial speed-variable peristaltic pump, is suitable for transferring large flow rate of fluid in industry.DC brushless motor drive with large torque, no maintenance, more power. It has the basic functions such as start/stop, reversible direction, full speed (fast cleaning), adjust speed and state memory power-down memory.It can cascade two pump heads. RS485 communication interface, adopts the MODBUS protocol, easier to be connected with other equipments, such as computer, human machine interface and PLC.

TYD01-01(New) Laboratory Syringe Pump

Lead Fluid YD01-01(new) laboratory syringe pump is a high-precision and multifunctional desktop syringe pump designed
specifically for laboratory applications. Its unique design make it an good choice for various experimental environments. Adopts integrated table model design, 5-inch HD LCD touch screen display and operation, can assembly 1 plastic syringe or gas tight syringe, size range of syringe 10μL~60mL,flow range 0.184nL/min~ 83.318mL/min.Use excellent control system and precision mechanical structure, linear travel accuracy<± 0.35%, multiple working modes are available,powerful function It is very suitable for high precision micro-transmission of various fluids in
scientific research and experiment.

Welcome to meet Lead Fluid on Analitica Latin America Exhibition to get more product details~