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Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump, Together With The Chinese Antarctic Expedition Team, Helps With Marine Virus Research

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The ocean accounts for approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface area and has a significant impact on the climate. Among them, marine viruses dominate the vast ocean with their astonishing diversity, and scientists estimate that the total weight of viruses in the ocean is equivalent to the weight of 75 million whales! Behind this huge quantity lies the important role of marine viruses in maintaining ecosystem balance and promoting carbon cycling.

The ecological function of marine viruses
Marine viruses further circulate by decomposing substances from dead organisms such as algae and fish, promoting the regeneration of microorganisms and algae, thereby maintaining the operation of the entire marine ecosystem. At the same time, through fixed decomposition metabolism in the ocean, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is input into the ocean and deposited on the seabed, fixing over 3000 megatons of carbon annually. This has made significant contributions to mitigating the impacts of global warming and ocean acidification.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump assists in the research of marine viruses in China
Recently, China’s 40th Antarctic Expedition team was carrying out scientific research on marine viruses in the Amundsen Sea aboard the “Xuelong 2” spacecraft. The scientific expedition team collected 150 liters of seawater through multiple sampling, followed by 10 hours of filtration and concentration. The samples were collected into a small tube of only 50 milliliters, and finally brought back to the domestic laboratory for subsequent marine virus research.

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has played an important role in marine virus research, especially in the filtration process of seawater samples. The Lead Fluid BT100S-1 peristaltic pump provides efficient and convenient technical support for scientific researchers with its stable and reliable liquid transmission, making sample processing more stable and rapid, and providing a reliable experimental foundation for marine virus research.

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Application of Lead Fluid peristaltic pump in filtration system
Filtering is a method of separating solids and other substances from liquids (or gases) by using driving or other external forces to allow the liquid (or gas) in a suspension (or gas containing solid particles) to pass through a medium, trapping solid particles and other substances. In short, filtration is the process of purifying a fluid through a special device, which has various methods and a wide range of applications, including solid-liquid, solid-gas, large particles, small particles, etc. Common filtration methods include atmospheric filtration, vacuum filtration, and thermal filtration.

(Application of Lead Fluid peristaltic pump in disc filter)

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump, with its good continuity, high stability, and excellent product quality, has become the optimal choice for liquid transmission in the laboratory sample pre-treatment stage filtration system. By providing continuous and stable liquid and positive pressure, it accurately controls the liquid volume and speed.

BT100S-1 Large Torque Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump

Technical Parameter
Flow range: 0.00011~1650mL/min
Speed range: 0.1~150rpm
Speed resolution: 0.1rpm
Speed accuracy: <±0.2%
Dispensing volume: 0.001μL~9999L(It is recommended to have a minimum fill of 50μL.)
Dispensing time: 1~999,“0”Infinite cycle
Dispensing interval time: 0.1~999.9 S/Min/H, time unit adjustable
Power supply:AC100~240V,50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: <60W
External control: External control input level 5V, 12V (standard), 24V (optional)
External control analog 0-5V(standard), 0-10V, 4-20mA (optional)
Communication interface: RS485communication interface, Modbus protocol is available
Working environment: Temperature 0 ~ 40℃, relative humidity<80%
IP grade: IP31
Dimension(L×W×H): 288×150×237mm
Weight: 5.2kg

Technical Parameter
Flow range:0.005~1750ml/min
Speed range:0.1~350 rpm
Flow range: 0.005~3000 ml/min
Speed range: 0.1~600 rpm

• High-quality and high-torque stepper servo motor drive, speed accuracy, wide range, operation stability, high-precision flow transmission.
• Industrial mask key operation, simple and convenient, high durability.
• LF-EasyChange universal design, large torque output, strong expansibility, can match various high-performance pump head.
• Start/Stop, adjust speed, reversible direction, full speed and,state memory(power-down memory).
• The parameters of running time, interval time and cycle times can be set to meet the requirements of timing, quantitative, liquid dispensing and flow testing.
• The internal structure adopts double-layer isolation design, and the circuit system provides special protection, which effectively improves the anti-dust, moisture-proof,anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance.
• Super anti-interference characteristic, wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environment.
• It can be equipped with foot switch, pulse damper, leak detector and other accessories .

WG600S Industrial Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump

Technical Parameter
Flow range:0.4~13.2L /min
Speed range:30~600rpm
Speed resolution:1rpm
Speed accuracy:<±3%
External control:External control input level 5V,12V(Standard),24V (Optional),
                          External control analog 0-5V(Standard),0-10V, 4-20mA (Optional)
Communication interface:RS485 communication interface, MODBUS protocol is available,DB15 external control interface
Power supply:AC100~240V,50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption:<300W
Working environment:Temperature 0 ~ 40℃, relative humidity<80%
IP grade:IP31
Dimension (L×W×H):356×232×224mm
Driver weight:11 kg

(YZ15 pump head has been upgraded to YZ15T pump head. Please consult with the business manager of Lead Fluid for details)

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