Exhibition time: March 29 – March 31, 2017

Exhibit cycle: two years

Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam

Support units: the Vietnamese ministry of science and technology, the ministry of health in Viet nam, Vietnam industrial board of trade, the ministry of education, Vietnam chamber of commerce and industry, German industrial and commercial conference, laboratory chemical industry association, Vietnam society, Vietnam pharmaceutical association, the association for medical devices,

German institute of optical medical and mechanical technology

Exhibition level: the exhibition of the industry’s top exhibition, the analytica exhibition in Munich, Germany

2017 Vietnam international analysis, biochemical technology, diagnostic and laboratory technology exposition


Instrument analysis equipment microscope and optical image processing chromatography and spectral industrial quality control

Material performance and characterization test pharmacology and quality control of the industry

Laboratory instruments, equipment and machine laboratory data systems and document classification biological analysis, biochemistry and bioinformatics biotechnology and life sciences laboratory technical medicine and diagnostics

Target audience: chemistry and petrochemical industry; The pharmaceutical industry. Food and beverage business; Medical and diagnostic industries; Environmental protection; Electronics and electronic engineering; Industrial research and development; Public sector research and development; Public institutions, universities

Exhibition advantages:

Vietnam’s economy has grown on average at least 6% in recent years.

  1. The political situation in Vietnam is fairly stable.
  2. Foreign investors are setting up production facilities in Vietnam.
  3. Strong support from the Vietnamese government and major institutions.
  4. The audience comes from the industry branches and research departments with large investment budgets.
  5. Emerging industrial sectors (pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food exports) need to develop and quality control capabilities.
  6. The developing health care industry needs higher quality diagnostic equipment.
  7. The symposium is geared towards international research elites.
  8. A global network of analytica, including Germany, China and India, will help build companies around the world, especially in the emerging markets.

10. The exhibition is hosted by IMAG, a subsidiary of Munich international expo group, one of the world’s top ten exhibition companies.