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What Achievements Have Been Made in The Year 2023 By Lead Fluid ?

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2023 has passed, and 2024 has arrived.
Standing at the starting point of the new year, let’s stop together, look back, and together record and cherish every special day of the Lead Fluid 2023.

This year, flowers accompanied by applause are both recognition and motivation.

Lead Fluid was rated as an “Excellent Private Enterprise” in Lianchi District, Hebei Province.
Mr. Zhang Yanfeng, Chairman, was awarded the title of “Outstanding Engineer in Lianchi District”.
Liu Yun and Wang Qiang, two technical experts, have been awarded the title of “Innovation Talents for Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Hebei Province’s Science and Technology Talent ‘Double Hundred and Double Thousand’ Project”.
Li Xiaolei and Li Qingchao, two technical backbones, were awarded the title of “Xushui Pioneer Talent”

This year, new products were introduced and traditional products were upgraded to provide users with more excellent fluid solutions.

In 2023, Lead Fluid continuously enriches its product line, launching new products such as high protection series and programming pumps, leading innovation and witnessing extraordinary quality.

This year, we have been constantly striving and achieving numerous innovative results.

In 2023, Lead Fluid obtained 1 invention patent, 2 international patents, 5 utility model patents, 2 design patents, and 6 software copyrights. As of now, Lead Fluid has accumulated 122 patents and copyrights!

This year, “Laboratory Injection Pump” won the gold medal at the global “Hua Design Award”

The competition “Laboratory Injection Pump”, jointly completed by industrial design and technical engineers such as Zhang Xiaoliang, Cui Chengtao, Zhao Yuanlu, and Shi Tao, won the gold medal at the 2nd Global Hua Design Award 2022, demonstrating outstanding design and technical strength.

This year, we have been constantly conveying love and warmth.

Under the ravages of typhoons, many areas have suffered from floods and geological disasters caused by extreme rainfall. Lead Fluid urgently procured and efficiently coordinated, delivering a large amount of rescue materials to the disaster stricken front line of Gaobeidian.

This year, we have demonstrated the strength of Lead Fluid in a broader world.

In 2023, Lead Fluid made its debut at major exhibitions both domestically and internationally, showcasing its brand charm with professional strength.

This year, the Lead Fluid Intelligent Exhibition Hall officially opened, showcasing the brand’s strength in multiple dimensions.

500 square meters of smart space
20 exciting exhibition areas presented
Hundreds of exhibits showcased together
Integration of exhibition, learning, and research
Bringing you a journey of “pump according to heart” experience

In 2023, Lead Fluid will continue to deepen its efforts in the small and micro fluid transmission industry, creating history through hard work and achieving the future through hard work. In the new year, Lead Fluid will continue to work with you towards a better 2024!