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How to Extend The Service Life of Pump Tubes?

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Generally speaking, the Peristaltic pump we mentioned usually includes three main parts: driver, pump head and pump tube, which together form a complete Peristaltic pump system. The driver is responsible for controlling the operating parameters of the Peristaltic pump, the pump head is responsible for generating the peristaltic effect, and the pump tube is responsible for the important task of conveying fluid. The three closely cooperate to achieve high-precision fluid transmission and control, which is widely used in laboratories, medical, chemical, environmental protection and other industries. Today, we will discuss the important… Read More »How to Extend The Service Life of Pump Tubes?

How Much Do You Know about Silicone Tubing?

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Silicone tubing is a very important peristaltic pump accessory and one of the most commonly used peristaltic pump tubing. Silicone tubing is also very common in daily life, but do you really understand it? To truly understand silicone tubing, let’s first talk about the raw materials of it. Silicon Rubber Silicone rubber refers to rubber whose main chain is composed of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, with two organic groups connected to the silicon atoms. Ordinary silicone rubber is mainly composed of siloxane chains containing methyl groups and a small… Read More »How Much Do You Know about Silicone Tubing?

How to Distinguish Different Peristaltic Pump Silicone Tubes?

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Tubes have a wide range of applications in the peristaltic pump industry. When the peristaltic pump is working, the liquid is transmitted through tubes such as silicone tubes. The liquid only contacts the inner wall of the tube, which can ensure the high cleanliness of the transmitted liquid. Classification of peristaltic pump silicone tube Peristaltic pump silicone tube can be divided into ordinary silicone tube, special silicone tube and platinum silicone tube (Tygon 3350). Ordinary silicone tube: This is a basic silicone tube, transparent in color, resistant to weak acid… Read More »How to Distinguish Different Peristaltic Pump Silicone Tubes?

How Much Do You Know About Silicone Tube?

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Peristaltic pump is also called hose pump, so the tube plays an important role in the working process of peristaltic pump. When the peristaltic pump transmits liquid, the liquid only contact the inner wall of the peristaltic pump tube and will not contact other parts such as the pump head and so on. So the tube can protect the cleanliness of the liquid. We can change the size of the tube to realize the transmission of different flows, transfer and dispensing functions. Peristaltic pump tube are made of different materials, and silicone tube is the most commonly used one. So what is… Read More »How Much Do You Know About Silicone Tube?