Lead Fluid MC10 micro peristaltic pump suitable for wall thickness 0.86 ~ 1mm, ID≦2.29mm Silicon tube, Pharmed etc. material tube, flow range up to 60ml/min. The shell of pump head is made of PES material and the roller is made of PVDF material. The roller has high strength, better wear resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance, and it can be disinfected at high temperature .

Flow: 0.15-60 mL/min
Max: 1 Channel


The motor spindle drives the rotation of three rollers around it through the friction planetary structure ,pump tube wear is very small, tube service life is long and
transmission stability.
Quiet design, operating noise is lower than the peristaltic pump with gear reduction motor.
Pump head adopts unique double rotary card design, easy to load, easy to replace pump tube and clean up and maintain.
The speed can be adjusted, direction of operation can be switched, simple control.
The translucent shell can observe the internal operation of the pump head at any time.
Matching 12V/24V DC motor (brush, brushless).
Small size, excellent performance, suitable for all kinds of small instruments and equipment into the liquid intake, drainage and other applications.


Channel 1
Roller 3
Flow Range ≤60