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FG601S-A3 Explosion-proof Peristaltic Pump

AC Explosion-proof Motor Peristaltic Pump FG601S-A3380V

Max: 2 Channels
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Function and Feature
• Industrial grade AC frequency conversion explosion-proof motor (ExdIIBT4), with special pump head, safe and reliable.
• External frequency conversion control, with functions such as adjust speed, start-stop, reversible direction, analog adjust speed, RS485 communication.
• Stepless speed, speed range 72rpm~600rpm, speed resolution 2rpm.
•  Split design, the driver is separated from the frequency conversion, suitable for a variety of working environment.
•  Suitable for high flow rate pump head.
•  IP55, suitable for complex working environment.
•  The standard frequency conversion is not explosion-proof and cannot be placed in a flammable and explosive environment.


1. Industrial grade explosion-proof frequency conversion is optional .
2. Protective shell can be installed.
3. Customizable all-in-one model.

Technical Parameters

  • Flow range 1000~13000ml/min
  • Speed range: 72~600rpm
  • Speed resolution: 0.1HZ(2rpm)
  • Pump head: YZ35
  •  Adjust speed: Frenquency converter steppless speed (standard frequency converter motor without connection cable)
  • Control function: Adjust speed, start/stop, reversible direction, analog speed control, RS485 communication
  • Accuracy: <±3%
  • Power supply : Three phase 380 v, 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 0.55KW
  • Working environment: Temperature 0℃~40℃, relative humidity<80%
  •  Casing Dimensions: (LxWxH)473*350*332
  •  Anti-explosion Grade: ExdIIBT4
  •  IP Grade: IP55 (only drive)
  •  Weight: 37Kg

FG601S-A3 Peristaltic pump applicable pump head, tubing and flow rate:

Drive model
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