1. Why should we fully understand the media situation?

Different media, PH is worth different, corrosiveness is different. Select suitable hose and nozzle plug according to chemical properties.

  1. Why does the hose peristaltic pump have intermittent operation and continuous operation?

The continuous operation of the rubber hose will accelerate fatigue. The running time helps us

understand the life of the hose or has the opportunity to choose a smaller pump type.

What is the definition of intermittent operation and continuous operation?

Running for an hour or more is an intermittent operation.

Running for an hour or less is still a continuous operation.

3.why do you want to know the temperature of the medium?

Running at high temperature will accelerate the fatigue and aging of the hose. With the increase of temperature, the speed of peristaltic pump should be reduced.

  1. What does the flow of the peristaltic pump depend on
    A) internal cavity capacity of hose
    B) the rotating speed of the pump
    C) the operating environment is very limited to the self-priming capacity of the pump.

Of course, there are several kinds of pump types that we can choose for the same traffic, so we have to consider some of the user’s factors: the relationship between initial input and long run cost.

5.why should pressure and traffic match the actual situation of customers?

Flow can set the speed of pump rotation and adjust pump pressure according to customer needs. Select the pump type to determine the net power and the installed power.