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Peristaltic Pump For Liquid Pharmaceuticals

Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps have a wide range of flow range which can meet liquid filling with different flow rates. Ensure dry operation, low maintenance cost, repeatable.

After researching the market, we have seen that about 80% of medical and pharmaceutical companies use peristaltic pumps, and they are used in all aspects. The peristaltic pump is accurate, durable, stable in delivery flow, continuously adjustable, has a small amount of delivery, and can also be used for small filling. The fluid is isolated in the pump tube and does not contact the outside to prevent pollution. The pump tube can be quickly replaced. The fluid can be reversed. The characteristics of dry operation and low maintenance cost constitute the main competitive advantage of the peristaltic pump, making it widely used in medicine and medical fields.


The sudden epidemic in 2020 has brought unprecedented attention to biopharmaceuticals. At present, many research and development institutions around the world are actively developing vaccines. Although there are frequent good news, there is still a long way to go before the vaccine is really successfully developed.

The new drug R&D process is so difficult, and under this wave, pharmaceutical equipment has also been given higher attention. The peristaltic pump is a liquid delivery device that can control the flow rate. It is matched with a disposable pump tube. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, strong corrosion resistance, small shearing effect, and effectively avoids cross-contamination. It is widely used in biopharmaceuticals. In the production process of biopharmaceuticals, such as purification and filtration, liquid dispensing and coating granulation, etc., there are special working conditions, which require peristaltic pumps to transfer fluids to industrial equipment. As a one-stop solution provider for precise liquid transmission, Lead Fluid has been providing reliable solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Solution 1

In purification and filtration, the purification requires the separation and purification of the mixture, and the filtration requires the purification and separation of the fluid through a special device under the action of driving force or other external forces. The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump is currently mainly used in the laboratory sample pretreatment stage to provide continuous and stable liquid and positive pressure for small filtration/purification devices in small-scale and pilot-scale research and development to accurately control the liquid volume and speed.

Products Recommended:


The flow range is 400~13000ml/min, with 200~300mm disc filter;


Flow range 0.006~2900ml/min, supporting Millipore/Pall tangential flow ultrafiltration system;


Flow range 0.006~380ml/min, supporting chromatography column/purification column, etc.

Solution 2

In liquid dispensing, the equipment is required to be able to transport different liquids such as neutral and corrosive, with good fluidity, high accuracy, large dispensing liquid volume range, large quantity, and convenient operation. The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can accomplish these tasks well in the sub-assembly process.

Products Recommended:

BT101F (precision peristaltic pump): can meet the high-precision packaging requirements of 200μl~5000ml and above;

WSP3000 (microliter peristaltic pump): The filling range is 1μl~3000μl, with high filling accuracy, high repeatability and high filling efficiency.

G3030-1S (industrial syringe pump): can meet the extremely high-precision packaging of 10μl~20ml.

Solution 3

Moisture and oxidation are the two main factors leading to the degradation of drugs. The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump is used on the coating machine to transfer the coating liquid to the atomizer for atomization, and then spray evenly on the surface of the tablet core with a certain size of droplets. A thin and smooth coating film with uniform color and uniform thickness is formed, which can effectively improve the stability of the drug, improve the appearance of beautification and facilitate the consumption. Lead Fluid peristaltic pump products are used to transfer liquid binders on wet granulators, and aggregate drug powders into particles with a certain shape and size. On the drying granulator, the Lead Fluid peristaltic pump product is used to transfer the liquid material to be dried, and the liquid material is sprayed into the hot air stream of the drying chamber through the sprayer for drying, and the powdery solid particles are directly obtained from the liquid.

Products Recommended:

BT103S micro variable speed peristaltic pump

BT100S-1 multichannel variable speed peristaltic pump

BT300L intelligent flow peristaltic pump

The three recommended products can avoid cross-infection and are easy to clean and maintain. The flow range of conventional peristaltic pumps can be freely controlled from 0.006 to 13000ml/min. It can provide 1-10 channels of transmission pipelines and ensure high-precision transmission.

All of the above basically have one thing in common-the liquid materials being transported are highly sensitive, especially the biologically active materials, which are extremely sensitive to shear forces. In many cases, these materials are also valuable. In the process of material transmission and transportation, it is necessary to avoid destructive effects on them. While effectively helping biopharmaceutical companies save costs, it also greatly facilitates customers.

The research and development of the new crown vaccine is a long way to go. With the continuous attention and investment of the whole society, I believe that a successful day will come soon. Lead Fluid has also been working hard for the safety and hygienic reliability of the biopharmaceutical production process, facing up to difficulties and never backing down.