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Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump Helps the Stainless Steel Reaction Kettle

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Stainless steel reaction kettle is a commonly used reaction equipment in chemical, food, medicine and other industries, which is used for high temperature and high pressure chemical reaction, including three main steps of feeding, reaction and discharging. Among them, the feeding process is an important link of stainless steel reaction kettle, which affects the efficiency and quality of reaction. The traditional feeding method mainly relies on manual operation, which has fluctuations in time and speed, easily leading to uneven raw material addition, affecting the quality of subsequent reactions, and it is difficult to achieve the expected capacity and yield targets.

Therefore, the mechanical and intelligent feeding equipment is needed for stainless steel reaction kettle, which should have the function of accurate and stable feeding, and can realize automatic operation, and at the same time compatible with various manufacturers’ communication protocols, so as to realize various communication modes. The Lead Fluid BT300L/BT600L flow type intelligent peristaltic pump with YZ15 pump head fully meets these requirements, realizes the process of timing and quantitative, high precision and stable feeding, and is an important supporting equipment for stainless steel reaction kettle.

01 Precise feeding with timing and quantitative control

●The BT300L/BT600L intelligent peristaltic pump with flow type is equipped with a 4.3-inch color LCD screen and convenient operation buttons for easy and intuitive use.

●It adopts LF-Touch-OS software system, which is efficient and stable, and has a friendly human-machine interaction mode.

●It has flow and time working modes, and only needs to input flow or speed parameters to operate. Accurate flow control and display, through micro-step algorithm, ensure the filling accuracy under different settings.

●The flow calibration function with guided mode is simple and easy to use.

Display related data of BT300L/BT600L

Technical Parameters Display of YZ15 Pump Head

The Experimental Data Display of YZ15 Pump Head

(error rate= absolute error/average value. The smaller the error rate, the higher the accuracy)

BT300L/BT600L intelligent peristaltic pump equipped with YZ15 pump head can accurately control the time and speed of feed-in, realize uniform addition of raw materials, thus improving the efficiency and quality of the reaction, and also increasing the automation level of stainless steel reaction kettle.

02 Simple Communication and remote control can be achieved

In stainless steel reactors, diaphragm pumps are usually used together with other equipment, such as temperature control systems, level control systems, etc., to complete the efficient and safe reaction process. The BT300L/BT600L flow-type intelligent diaphragm pump RS485 communication is compatible with the Modbus protocol, supporting up to 80 programming instructions, which is convenient for connection with various control devices, and supports the Lead Fluid APP software, which can be remotely controlled according to the needs of the reaction, and the running status can be monitored in real time, thus achieving more convenient and reliable operation.

03 Corrosion-resistant and durable

The BT300L/BT600L flow-type intelligent peristaltic pump has a novel stainless steel housing, which is easy to clean and can effectively prevent corrosion of various organic solvents, ensuring the stability and safety of operation.

The YZ15 pump head is made of PPS/PES special functional plastic housing, SS roller, to ensure that the pump head can meet the needs of high-strength use such as high speed and long time, and the special pressure tube structure can reduce the wear of the pump tube and the accidental rupture caused by miss operation. In addition, the BT300L/BT600L flow-type intelligent peristaltic pump has a simple structure and is easy to maintain, which is the best feed choice for stainless steel reaction kettle.

Customer Evaluation

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump is very suitable for our stainless steel reactor products, providing effective flow control and delivery assurance for the chemical reaction, mixing and processing processes of the reactor.

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