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Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump Helps the Food Industry

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Intelligentization of the food industry

In the current social context, intelligent manufacturing has become an important trend to promote industrial upgrading and technological innovation, and the food industry, as an important industry to meet basic human needs, is no exception. Faced with the increasing labor costs and many other challenges such as food safety, more and more food companies have begun to actively promote production automation to improve production efficiency and product quality stability. In this process, the Leyf Peristaltic Pump as an indispensable important equipment, due to its clean, pollution-free, wide range of flow, high precision, small size, low noise, easy maintenance and other characteristics, has been widely used in the food industry.

In addition to accurately and stably delivering various food liquids and semi-solid materials to meet the high requirements of the food industry for the production process, the Lead Fluid peristaltic pump also has the characteristics of intelligentization, which can be integrated with the control system of the production line to realize remote monitoring and remote control, thus improving the automation and efficiency of production.

1.Accurate Ingredient Matching

Accurate ingredient metering is key to ensuring product quality and taste in food processing. The Lead Fluid BT100L/BT300L/BT600L Intelligent Peristaltic Pump can accurately deliver different ingredients according to preset programs, ensuring precise proportions and ratios, with stable and repeatable flow, fully meeting the strict requirements of food processing production lines for ingredient metering. In addition, when pumping different ingredients, online cleaning or simply replacing the hose can be used to avoid cross-contamination between ingredients, keeping the production line running efficiency and product quality stability.

BT100L/BT300L/BT600L Intelligent Flow Peristaltic Pump

Flow range

BT100L:0.0001~720 ml/min

BT300L:0.006~1690 ml/min

BT600L:0.006~2900 ml/min

Convenient to operate

●Color LCD display, touch screen and keypad for operating

●Flow working mode and timing mode,the relevant parameters can be entered directly.

●Five sets of allocation parameters can be pre-stored.

Precision flow

●The micro-step algorithm ensures the accuracy of different settings.

●The flow correction function of the guided mode is simple and easy to use.

●The programming mode supports 30 different quantitative parameter settings, which can realize complex control processes.

Remote Control

●The device can be remotely monitored through the Lead Fluid APP, with shutdown alarm and reminder for pump pipe replacement.

●It has RS485 communication and is compatible with Modbus protocol, which is convenient for connecting with various control devices.

Adapt to complex environment

●The intelligent temperature control function keeps the device in the best condition.

●Dust and Moisture Protection Process for Printed Circuit Board.

●Wide voltage design and strong anti-interference characteristics.

●The stainless steel house is easy to clean and effectively prevents the erosion of organic solvents.

2.Stable Transmission Filtering

In the food production process, it is necessary to stably transport and filter the raw materials to ensure the purity and hygiene of the products. The Lead Fluid BT100S/BT300S/BT600S intelligent peristaltic pump and WG600S industrial peristaltic pump can adapt to various materials, such as fruit juice, sauce, etc., just by replacing different hoses and accessories to ensure stable transportation and filtration effects without causing secondary pollution to the materials. In addition, the low shear force can gently transport the raw materials to maintain its integrity, which helps to produce high-quality, hygienic, consistent taste and quality food products.

BT100S/BT300S/BT600S Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump

Flow range

BT100S:0.0001~720 ml/min

BT300S:0.006~1690 ml/min 

BT600S:0.006~2900 ml/min


high-quality large torque stepping servo motor drive, accurate speed, smooth operation, can achieve high-precision flow transmission.

Convenient to operate

●High-definition dot matrix LCD display with button operation, intuitive and simple

●Can set running time, interval time, number of cycles, etc., to meet the needs of timing, liquid packaging, flow measurement, etc.

●Can be equipped with foot switch, pulse damping, leakage detector and other accessories.

Remote Control

●Key lock function to prevent misoperation.

●Optional remote monitoring and stop alarm, replacement pump pipe reminder and other monitoring functions through the leife APP.

●RS485 communication, compatible with Modbus protocol, convenient connection with various control devices.

Adapt to complex environment

●Stainless steel 304 material shell, effectively prevent the corrosion of various organic solvents, easy to clean.

●Double isolation design, special protection of circuit system, dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance.

●Wide voltage design, ultra strong anti-interference characteristics.

WG600S Industrial Speed Variable Peristaltic Pump

Flow range


High Flow Transmission

●Suitable for industrial places with high flow transmission of fluids

●Brushless motor drive with high torque, maintenance free and stronger power

●Cascading dual pump head available

Convenient to operate

●The speed, forward and reverse, start and stop, full speed can be controlled by the knob, which is convenient to operate.

●RS485 communication, compatible with Modbus protocol, which is easier to connect with other control devices.

High Protection

●304 stainless steel shell, easy to clean, effectively preventing erosion of organic solvents.

●Circuit board protection process, dustproof and moistureproof.

3.High-efficiency filling

The filling of food is critical to ensure product quality and production efficiency. The Lead Fluid DS600 series peristaltic pump filling system and WT300F/WT600F distribution intelligent peristaltic pump can accurately control the flow and pressure, efficiently and accurately fill food into various packages, such as tube packaging, bag packaging, box packaging and bottle packaging, and can realize continuous filling and grading filling, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.

Lead Fluid DS600 Series Peristaltic Pump Filling System

Flow range


Multi-head High Precision Filling

High-quality servo motors/stepper motors, stable and efficient operating systems and pipelines greatly ensure the accuracy and stability of filling

●Each filling head can be controlled separately, and the accuracy error between filling heads is less than 1%

●Unlimited cascade can be formed to form more channels.

Efficient and convenient

●Centralized operation of human-machine interface for simple and convenient operation.

●Supporting automatic filling production line can also be operated manually.

●Intelligent correction system reduces user workload and improves efficiency.

No drip

●The suction function of the peristaltic pump ensures that the entire filling process is drip-free and splash-free.

●Each channel has the function of stopping filling when there is no bottle, thus avoiding waste and pollution.

Adapt to complex environment

●Stainless steel housing, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean

●Circuit board protection process, dust and moisture-proof

WT300F/WT600F Intelligent Dispensing Peristaltic Pump

Flow range



Easy to operate

●High-definition LCD touch screen with button operation, simple and intuitive

●Flow mode, time division, liquid allocation, copy allocation and other distribution modes are available

Remote Control

●Connected to a variety of control devices, RS485 communication, compatible with Modbus protocol, convenient to connect with various control devices.

Adapt to complex environment

●Intelligent temperature control fan, reducing noise.

●Novel stainless steel shell, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant.

4.Coating granulation& Spray granulation

Another important step in the food production process is the coating and spraying granulation process. Coating is a process of coating a film on the surface of particles to protect particles, improve taste, control release rate, etc., such as nuts, candies, etc. The Lead Fluid BT100L/BT300L/BT600L flow-type peristaltic pump and BT100S/BT300S/BT600 speed-type peristaltic pump are used to transport the film liquid and evenly coat the particles on the surface to improve the efficiency and quality of the coating.

In the spray drying process, the liquid raw material needs to be sprayed into particles for subsequent drying, granulation and other processing, such as the forming process of milk powder, coffee and seasoning. The Lippisch flow type and speed regulating peristaltic pump can evenly and stably spray the food raw material solution or suspension in the drying tower, so that the liquid raw material can be quickly dried and formed into particles, and the particle size and uniformity can be adjusted by the control system. It can effectively improve the flowability, stability and solubility of food raw materials, so as to improve the quality and reliability of products.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps have a wide range of applications in the food industry, helping food production enterprises improve production efficiency, improve product quality, ensure food safety, provide strong support for the mechanization and intelligence development of the food industry, and promote the development of the whole industry.