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How Does The Lead Fluid Syringe Pump Help The Brain Stereotaxic Instrument To Complete Ultra Micro Precise Injection?

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Brain stereotaxic instrument is used to determine the position of some nerve structures under the cortex by using the three-dimensional coordinate system specified by the marks outside the skull or other reference points, so as to conduct directional stimulation, destruction, drug injection, guiding potential and other studies under non direct vision exposure. Among them, brain targeted injection requires the cooperation of brain stereotaxic instrument and ultramicro injection pump to deliver drugs at a fixed rate and quantity to the brain of rats, mice, etc., with stronger targeting and more precise operation! It is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the dosage when the total dosage is very small and the dosage rate needs to be slow or constant for a long time. Lead Fluid syringe pump, as a commonly used supporting product of brain stereotaxic instrument, assists in ultra micro precise injection.

1.Customer Demand

A Beijing Science and Technology Development company is a professional technology enterprise mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of biomedical experimental instruments. In order to further meet the needs of the market and laboratories for more accurate and simple instruments, the company introduced a new wireless single arm digital brain stereotactic positioning instrument, adding displacement sensors and digital displays to the original three-dimensional operating arm. As the supporting equipment of the new product, the injection pump is required to be easy to operate by customers, and the injection volume can be accurate to 1 μL. The ultramicro syringe pump with controllable flow rate and strong matching can be linked with the brain localizer.

2.Lead Fluid Solutions

Through communication with customers, on the basis of fully understanding customers’ needs, and considering that the main use scenario of the new product customer group is the laboratory, the team recommended Lead Fluid TFD03-01 injection pump for customers to help customers achieve precise ultra micro injection.

*Split syringe pump, which can be used together with other instruments

Lead Fluid TFD03-01 is a single channel injection pump. The controller and execution unit are designed separately. They are connected by cables and equipped with quick plug connectors, which are convenient for disassembly and assembly. It can be used together with brain stereotaxic devices and instruments.

TFD03-01 is a desktop pump, small in size, light in weight, and exquisite in structure. The overall dimension of the controller is 245 * 205 * 105mm, the size of the executive unit is 173 * 24 * 52mm, and the total weight is 2.25kg, which can better serve the scientific research and experiment.

* Simple, intuitive and powerful operation

With the development of science and technology, the requirements for various instruments and equipment tend to be more intelligent and humanized, so does the laboratory. Lead Fluid TFD03-01 syringe pump is equipped with LF Touch OS software system, which is stable and reliable. The human-computer interface is friendly. The 4.3 inch color LCD touch screen+common function buttons display the transmitted liquid volume, residual liquid volume, flow, running direction, syringe specifications, etc. on the same screen, and the animation shows the running status, intelligent operation, and clear and visible working status.

Multiple working modes can be selected: injection, extraction, injection before extraction, extraction before injection, continuous circulation, etc. It supports a variety of standard syringes, and can also customize syringes to adapt to experiments with different needs.

With power failure memory function, it can keep the parameters set before power failure. RS485 communication, compatible with MODBUS protocol, is easier to connect with computers, human-machine interfaces, PLC, etc.

* Outstanding ultra micro precise injection experience

Accuracy is an important requirement for scientific research project experiments. How to effectively ensure the accuracy and accuracy of experiments requires the support of experimental equipment in addition to human factors. For intracranial injection, accurate and uniform administration is one of the most difficult operations.

Generally, the total dose of intracranial injection experiment is 5 μ L. So what is 1 μ L? one μ L=0.001mL=0.000001L. Such precise small and micro infusion must rely on precision instruments. Lead Fluid TFD03-01 execution unit is applicable to one 0.5 μ L-100 μ L syringe, linear speed 0.6096 μ M/min – 91.44mm/min, the stroke control accuracy error is<± 0.35% (when the stroke is>30% of the maximum stroke), and the goal of precise ultra micro injection is achieved by setting the working mode, total volume, flow rate and other related parameters and matching with the coordinates of brain stereo positioning.

The flow range of Lead Fluid TFD03-01 is 0.005nL/min – 152.456 μ L/min, more accurate flow can be obtained through the calibration procedure, and even in the case of long-term injection, the entire flow can be controlled very smoothly through the unique technology of Lead Fluid, which is far more than other brands on the market, and ensures the stability of injection and delivery during the experiment.

3.Customer Feedback

The person in charge of the product said:

We are very cautious in the selection of new supporting instruments. After many comparisons, we finally chose to cooperate with Lead Fluid. Whether in terms of product quality, performance or after-sales, it is very consistent with our expectations, and even surprised us in terms of intelligent operation and ultra micro injection. The feedback from customers who bought new products is very good. Lead Fluid has become our long-term partner.