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How Does The Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump Help Fuel Cell Related Research?

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Recently, fuel cells have appeared frequently in front of people. It is a new type of clean energy technology, pollution-free and zero emission. Therefore, the research of fuel cells has attracted the attention of all countries and is regarded as an important component of the future world energy system. Lead Fluid peristaltic pump entered the laboratory of a chemical institute in China, and assisted the relevant research of fuel cell with stable and continuous transmission function.

The composition of the fuel cell is the same as that of the general cell, and its single cell is composed of positive and negative electrodes (also called gas diffusion electrode) and electrolyte. In the research and development of fuel cell technology, gas diffusion electrode is very important.

Customer Demand

The gas diffusion electrode is a specially made porous membrane electrode. Since a large amount of gas can reach inside the electrode and connect with the whole solution (electrolyte solution) outside the electrode, it can form a three-phase (solid, liquid, gas) membrane electrode.

During the experiment, the amount of electrolyte solution must be controlled. Too much will easily lead to insufficient pores and too thick liquid film. Too little will lead to poor liquid phase mass transfer and conductivity. Therefore, customers need to go through many tests to observe the reaction to find the most appropriate amount. For this reason, the customer looked for many equipment to achieve the goal of stable output, but the market is either large-scale mechanized equipment, which is not suitable for moving into the laboratory, or manually adding liquid, which is time-consuming, laborious and inaccurate.

The customer requires the equipment to be small and convenient, suitable for laboratory use; Two channels, flow control at 10ml/min, flow rate should be uniform, preferably timed, with the function of setting different flow rates in sections.

Lead Fluid Solutions

Through many communications with customers, on the basis of fully understanding customers’ needs, and considering the particularity of the laboratory scene, Lead Fluid team finally recommended the Lead Fluid BT100L flow intelligent peristaltic pump, equipped with DT15-24 pump head, to help customers achieve the goal of uniform and stable transmission of electrolyte solution.

1.Small size, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance

Because of the nature and process of the laboratory, the instruments and equipment are required to be of high quality, precise and portable. The overall dimension of Lead Fluid BT100L flow type peristaltic pump is 269*160*183mm, and the weight of the driver plus DT15-24 pump head is only 5.7kg, which is small and light. The stainless steel shell is easy to clean, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of various organic solvents. Moreover, the DT15-24 pump head is a plug-in card structure that can be independently loaded and unloaded. It is convenient to replace and fix the pump tube, which is very suitable for laboratory use.There is also a plastic shell version, which is more beautiful and easy to maintain.

2.Simple operation, powerful function, and continuous liquid transmission

Scientific research itself is a complex and rigorous work, and the operation of related equipment will not pay off if it distracts researchers. The 4.3-inch color LCD screen of Rafer BT100L flow type intelligent peristaltic pump is visual and intuitive. With the key operation, it brings a good user experience. It has two working modes: flow and time. It is easy to achieve high-precision continuous and quantitative transmission by setting relevant parameters. The speed accuracy error is less than 0.2%, and five groups of distribution parameters can be pre stored to meet the requirements of sectional flow rate. In addition, it can realize remote operation through RAEVE APP software, and has monitoring functions such as shutdown alarm, pump tube replacement reminder, RS485 communication, compatibility with MODBUS protocol, and easier connection with computer, human-machine interface, PLC, etc.

3.Equipped with DT series pump head, more stable flow

The maximum flow of DT15-24 pump head can reach 2240ml/min, and the maximum speed in one minute can reach 600 revolutions. The roller body is designed as a bearing. The pressure pipe clearance is adjustable, and the flow consistency is better.

Customer Feedback

Lead Fluid BT100L flow type intelligent peristaltic pump has won praise from customers with its intuitiveness, durability, versatility and progressiveness.

Other laboratory teams recommended us to buy the Lead Fluid peristaltic pump because of its simple operation and powerful functions. The result really surprised our team. As long as the relevant parameters are set in advance, we can achieve a stable flow. The flow needs to be large, and it can be adjusted upwards. Moreover, it can be operated through the computer after connecting with the computer, which is really convenient! The most important point is to make our experimental data more valuable!