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How Does The Ice Cream Machine Work?

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When it comes to ice cream making, the necessary thing is an ice cream machine. I believe everyone has seen ice cream flowing from the ice cream machine to the cone when buying ice cream. Peristaltic pump has important application in ice cream machine.Let’s learn about the internal structure of the ice cream machine.

How does the ice cream machine working ?

The ice cream machine is composed of a raw material cylinder, a refrigeration system, a mixing system, a feeding and discharging system and a control system, of which the most critical is the refrigeration system, which includes a refrigeration cylinder, a compressor, an expansion rod, a condenser and other structures.

Ice Cream Machine

When making ice cream, milk slurry and other raw materials are added into the raw material tank. The raw materials are evenly mixed with air under the action of peristaltic pump and transported to the freezing tank. The expanded milk slurry is stirred in the freezing tank and gradually cooled down. At the same time, the viscosity increases to form a milkshake. When the required viscosity is reached, it is pushed to the outlet under the action of the screw conveyor. Open the exit and the finished ice cream is finished.

Why did ice cream choose peristaltic pump as delivery pump?

First of all, the ice cream machine needs strict cost control. By feeding under the pressure of the peristaltic pump, the weight of raw materials required for the last ice cream processing can be monitored and used as the weight reference for the next time. After each processing, the ice cream machine will be replenished to avoid waste. It can also be processed continuously in the freezing tank, eliminating the storage tank and effectively reducing the breeding of bacteria.

Secondly, as a member of the food industry, ice cream must also ensure the hygiene in the production process, and the peristaltic pump also has a very high hygiene. Due to the special structure of the peristaltic pump, when conveying raw materials, the raw materials will not contact the pump body, but only the pump pipe. The peristaltic pump pipe is non-toxic, harmless and tasteless, in line with the FDA, 3-A and NSF 51 standards, and is applicable to the standard provisions of food contact. It is very convenient for disinfection and sterilization. The transparent peristaltic pump pipe can better observe the conveying state of the ice cream machine.


Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump Head BZ15

In addition, the peristaltic pump has the characteristics of low cost. The peristaltic pump has high durability and is not easy to be damaged. There are no valves and other parts. The only consumer is the peristaltic pump pipe. When maintaining the ice cream machine, it is only necessary to observe the wear and tear of the peristaltic pump pipe. The maintenance is convenient, which can effectively reduce the use cost of merchants.

With the help of peristaltic pump, the ice cream production efficiency has been improved, the sales cycle time has been reduced, and the waiting time of customers has been shortened.